How do I recharge my KPLC prepaid meter?

Loading The Token Via Vendor

  1. Check your meter number by dialing 100 on the meter and it will be displayed.
  2. Visit the vendor and make payment for your choice.
  3. Give the vendor your meter number.
  4. Collect the 20 digit token from the vendor.
  5. Load the token on your meter and it is done.

Is 220220 KPLC Paybill number?

The process of buying Kenya Power tokens via paybill number 220220 is simple; For Prepaid go to Mpesa menu then; Select Pay Bill. Enter Business No.

How do I load my prepaid meter?

How to recharge prepaid meter using bank mobile applications

  1. Log in to your mobile bank application.
  2. Click on the pay electrical bill feature.
  3. Pick the electricity distribution company with which your prepaid meter is registered.
  4. Fill in your prepaid meter number and the amount you wish to purchase.

How do I load prepaid electricity?

How do I load the pre-payment meter with electricity? When you purchase electricity you will receive a slip, an SMS or an e-mail (depending on the method of purchase). This slip will include the meter number and a 20 digit token. Punch the 20 digit token number into the meter, followed by the enter button.

How do I pay my prepaid meter?

How do I pay electricity token via M-Pesa?

How to buy Kenya Power tokens using MPesa

  1. Go to M-Pesa menu.
  2. Click ”Lipa na M-Pesa’
  3. Click PayBill.
  4. Enter the KPLC Busisness number which is 888880.
  5. Enter the account number.
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to buy tokens with.
  7. Enter your M-Pesa pin.
  8. Click send and wait for a confirmation from both M-Pesa and Kenya Power.

How do I buy prepaid electricity with my phone?

STEP 1: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone. Follow the prompts and select/enter option 1 (Prepaid). STEP 2: Select Electricity. STEP 3: Select Enter Electricity.

How do I pay electricity token via mpesa?

How do I pay my stima via M-Pesa?

How to Pay Electricity Bill via M-Pesa

  1. Access your Safaricom menu, then select M-PESA.
  2. Choose Lipa na M-PESA, then Pay Bill.
  3. The Pay bill number for KPLC prepaid meters is 888880.
  4. Next, Key in your full KPLC prepaid meter number.
  5. Next, the amount to pay should be between 100 Kshs and 35,000 Kshs.

How do I find my prepaid meter code?

Balance : To know your balance on the prepaid meter just dial “07” on the keypad followed by the blue button. your available balance will be displayed.

What is the KPLC paybill number?

The KPLC paybill number for prepaid customers is 888880 while the paybill number for postpaid customers is 888888. Use these business numbers for buying tokens through the M-Pesa or paying your postpaid electricity bill.

How to buy KPLC tokens using Mpesa paybill?

First ensure you have money in your mobile wallet account. You may also use the Fuliza loan facility if you do not have money in your account. Here’s how to buy KPLC tokens using MPESA paybill no. Go to your sim toolkit application in your phone to access your Safaricom menu. Select MPESA to display Mpesa menu then choose Lipa na Mpesa.

How do I pay my Equitel bill with KPLC tokens?

Here’s the procedure: Go to your sim toolkit to access your Equitel menu and select ‘eazzy pay’ under ‘my money.’ Select paybill from eazzy pay and choose the bank account that you want to pay from. ‘Select business’ then KPLC tokens. Enter your KPLC prepaid meter number and press OK.

How do I pay with KPLC using Eazzy pay?

Pressing “ Cancel ” will complete the transaction. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA. KPLC will then generate prepaid token valid for your meter and send via SMS. 1. Select Eazzy Pay from your Equitel menu 2. Select Pay Bill from Eazzy Pay. 3. Enter your KPLC Prepaid Meter Number (e.g. 37168917674) press OK 4.