How do I share a SimpleMind map?

Windows Main Menu → Mind Map → Share → Export Mind Map or Export Outline. Optionally use Outline options, for example for a Notes report. iPad & iPhone Select the share icon from the toolbar → “Open in..” or “Open Outline in..”. Android Select share from the toolbar or select “Share Mind Map” from the overflow menu.

How do I sync my SimpleMind?

All your changes will be synced at regular intervals and at shutdown. To manually sync, open any mind map in the Dropbox tab. Tap the “share” icon in the toolbar and tap “synchronize with Dropbox”.

How do I export a mind map?

Exporting your Mind Map as a PDF Image

  1. To export your Mind Map as an image first open the Mind Map of your choice.
  2. Then click on the board options menu on the toolbar.
  3. In the drop-down menu click “Export”.
  4. Choose “PDF” from the export options.
  5. Once confirmed you will be notified that the export has started.

How do I save a SimpleMind map as a PDF?

Image. Mac and Windows: Use the Main Menu → Mind Map → Export Mind Map/Share Mind Map and select . pdf.

How do I export from SimpleMind?

From the main menu select “SimpleMind” →”SimpleMind Preferences” and select the tab “Local Mind Maps”. Click “Export Mind Map Store”. Choose a filename and location, for example, the desktop. Start SimpleMind Pro.

How do I upload a picture to SimpleMind?

Use the topic toolbar , the image icon and tap “Add image” and “Record Movie”. Once done, SimpleMind adds an image with a thumbnail of the video in the mind map. Double tap the thumbnail to play back the video.

Does Microsoft Office have a mind mapping tool?

Microsoft Word as a Mind Mapping Tool Microsoft Word (and even Microsoft PowerPoint) is useful as a rapid tool for building a mind map. It’s more flexible than pen and paper because you can easily update it by adding or rearranging the topics.

How do you do a mind map on Powerpoint?

Central idea

  1. Open your PPT presentation and add a new slide. Here you’ll create the mind map.
  2. In the toolbar, click on Insert. In the Text section, click on Text Box.
  3. Click and drag to add the box.
  4. Write the concept and edit the format of your text using the Font tools.

How to start mind mapping on your computer?

How To Start Mind Mapping On Your Computer In 5 Minutes. 1 Step 1: Download and install Mind Mapping Software. A very good and popular digital mind mapping tool is Xmind. You can download your tool for 2 Step 2: Create a new map and add your ideas to it. 3 Step 3: Create An Effective mind map. 4 What’s Next? 5 Moving forward in mind mapping.

Is there an online MINDMAP application for Windows?

There are many online mindmap applications for Windows on this list, and MindMup is one of those tools. MindMup allows users to create mindmaps on Windows, without requiring an account. This means that you can start editing mindmaps right from the get-go once you open the tool.

What is the best app to make a mind map? is very useful when it comes to making mind maps. It’s simple and provides a large collection of default themes and templates that you may use to style your diagram. Also, it is compatible with a number of advanced cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Where can I find a free mind map template?

Templates are available on GitMind and can be used for free. There are also lots of available shapes and elements for those who want to create mindmap and charts from scratch. Online collaboration is also supported by this tool, which is part of the why it is a highly-recommended mind map tool for Windows.