How do I start working at a festival?

If you have very little music industry experience, look for street team, volunteer or internship opportunities with organizations you know will be at the festival. Check the festival’s website for job fairs or volunteer opportunities. A lot of times these job listings are for Ticket Takers or Parking Lot Attendants.

How do I get a job at Rolling loud?

If you are interested, submit with headshots and current photos of yourself and your style. We are looking for trendy, streetwear fashion styles that are sexy and tasteful. You may have the opportunity to be picked for all of the days during the event or just one or two of the days depending on the space available.

How is it to work for Coachella?

Applicants must first submit an online application and can expect a phone call to request an interview as early as Wednesday. Potential candidates must be 18 years or older and have authorization to work in the United States through the end of the project to apply.

What job roles are at a festival?

Festival jobs and work with our festival staff team

  • Festival Site Managers.
  • Festival Event Coordinators.
  • Festival Project Managers.
  • Festival Staff Supervisors.
  • Festival Arena Supervisors.
  • Festival Campsite Zone Supervisors.
  • Festival Gate Supervisors.
  • Festival Accreditation Staff.

What staff are needed at a festival?

Staffing and Labor Guide

  • Site Manager – $300 to $600 / day.
  • Production Manager – $300 – $600 / day.
  • Security Manager – $300 – $600 / day.
  • VIP Manager – $300 – $400 / day.
  • Hospitality Manager – $300 – $400 / day.
  • Sponsorship Manager – $300 – $400 / day.
  • Media Manager – $300 – $400 / day.
  • Food Vendor Manager – $300 – $500 / day.

Who is Matt zingler?

Matthew Zingler – Founder – Rolling Loud Festival | LinkedIn.

How do I become a photographer for Rolling loud?

You need to go to: and fill out the application there. Please fill out form completely in order to be considered as official attending press for Rolling Loud Miami 2022, on July 22-24. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee your application will be approved.

How do festivals make their money?

Your biggest revenue boost comes from ticket sales, sponsorships and concessions, so with that in mind, here’s how to ensure your music festival is profitable year after year. You’ve got eyeballs on your ticketing page, but not all of those visitors are buying tickets.

How much do Coachella workers make?

The chart shows total cash compensation for the ALLIED UNIVERSAL Event Staff-Coachella Music Festival in the United States, which includes base, and annual incentives can vary anywhere from $41,639 to $54,293 with an average total cash compensation of $47,966.

Can you volunteer for Coachella?

For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, visit Seeking volunteers (18 or older) to assist with administrative and event-related tasks. We need greeters, auction helpers and more. Proficiency with computers helpful but not essential for all tasks.