How do I switch from mint Cinnamon to Xfce?

Switching to the XFCE Desktop When the following login screen appears, click the icon in front of the username. This will list all the installed desktop environments. Select Xfce Session and sign in. Now, you will see the XFCE desktop on your screen.

How do I install Xfce on Linux Mint?

Method 1: Install XFCE from terminal

  1. First, update your system sudo apt update.
  2. Install the XFCE desktop by using the command: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop -y. You may need to press Y to continue. Wait for some time to download all the necessary package.
  3. Reboot the system to switch to Xfce desktop.

Does mint use Xfce?

Main components. Linux Mint 20 features Xfce 4.14, a Linux kernel 5.4 and an Ubuntu 20.04 package base.

How do I change my desktop environment in mint?

How to Switch Between Desktop Environments. Log out of your Linux desktop after installing another desktop environment. When you see the login screen, click the Session menu and select your preferred desktop environment. You can adjust this option each time you log in to choose your preferred desktop environment.

How do I change Cinnamon to mate in Linux Mint?

To switch to the MATE desktop, you need to first log out of your Cinnamon session. Once on the log-on screen, select the desktop environment icon (this varies with display managers and may not look like the one in the image), and choose MATE from the drop-down options.

How do I change Cinnamon to MATE in Linux Mint?

How do I change KDE to Xfce?

  1. install the xfce meta packages.
  2. install the manjaro xfce settings packages.
  3. install lightdm and a greeter.
  4. enable lightdm as display manager.
  5. log out login.
  6. remove kde packages using pamac gui.
  7. be careful to understand implications – especially with dependency packages.