How do I use Explorer in Solaris 11?

To install Explorer on Solaris 11 and Solaris 11 Express systems:

  1. Extract the file-based IPS repository.
  2. Install the support/explorer package from the IPS repository.

How do I run the Sun Explorer?

Once Explorer is installed on your domain, go to /opt/SUNWexplo/bin directory to run the explorer command.

What is Oracle Explorer?

Oracle Explorer is a data collection tool. The tool comprises shell scripts and a few binary executables.

What is Oracle Explorer badge?

The Oracle Learning Explorer program offers entry-level training courses and accreditation for Oracle’s entire product portfolio. It was designed to empower professionals across the globe to begin cultivating valuable IT skills.

What is Oracle LaunchPad?

Oracle LaunchPad is a new learning tool from Oracle University that is totally free and fun. Designed to support you with FREE Introductory SaaS Training. As you learn you Earn a Rank by collecting points. Start by selecting your role; then choose your area of interest and the format you would like to learn by.

How do I get the Oracle Explorer badge?

How It Works

  1. You will receive an email notifying you to claim your badge at our partner Acclaim’s website.
  2. Click the link in that email.
  3. Create an account on the Acclaim site.
  4. Claim your badge.
  5. Start sharing.

How do I get Oracle badge?

It’s a free benefit of being Oracle Certified. To claim a badge, click the “Claim” button in CertView, follow the instructions, and start sharing your credentials on social media. According to LinkedIn, individuals with certifications receive 6x more profile views, boosting their visibility and career opportunities.

What is Oracle autonomous database?

An autonomous database is a cloud database that uses machine learning to automate database tuning, security, backups, updates, and other routine management tasks traditionally performed by DBAs. Unlike a conventional database, an autonomous database performs all these tasks and more without human intervention.

How can I view my Oracle certificate?

Sign in and select the option ‘See exams for a different testing program’ and select Oracle Certification Program. Go to Select First Time User and sign in with your Oracle Web Account username and password. Provide the Oracle Testing ID and email address from your Pearson VUE profile.

What is an Oracle Testing ID?

There will be an Oracle candidate testing ID associated with you in the form of “OC#######”. This essentially links your Pearson Vue profile/account with your OTN profile/account. It has nothing to do with any single exam. All of the exams you take should be under the same ID.

What is ATP database?

ATP is a self-driving database that is built to run a complex mix of high-performance database, along with other workloads like IoT, reporting, batch jobs, Real-time analytics, and Machine learning. ATP is built on the same autonomous database as Autonomous Data warehouse (ADW).

How to access Oracle explorer man pages on Solaris 11?

To access the Explorer man pages using the default man path, run: To access the Explorer man page of section 4 on Solaris 11, run: The preferred method for installing Oracle Explorer Data Collector is via the Oracle Services Tools Bundle (STB), because Oracle Explorer relies on the presence of the other software packages on the system.

How do I install the Solaris support/Explorer package?

Install the support/explorer package from the IPS repository. To install Explorer on Solaris 8, 9, and 10 systems: Extract the SVR4 package streams for the Explorer component (SUNWexplo, SUNWexplu, SUNWrda). Install these SVR4 package streams with the pkgadd command.

How do I perform automated Solaris 11 installs?

To perform automated installations, you must first set up an Oracle Solaris 11 system on the network as an AI server and define one or more installation services. Installation services include AI boot images as well as installation manifests and system configuration profiles.

What’s new in Oracle Solaris 11?

Oracle Solaris 11 includes a new network-centric software package management framework called the Image Packaging System (IPS). IPS installs and updates software packages from locally connected or remote repositories, automatically checking and resolving software dependencies.