How do you ace an English IOC?

How can I prepare for my IOC?

  1. Know your works really well.
  2. Make sure you have learned the critical vocabulary you need to discuss the extract in detail.
  3. Practice by choosing samples from your works and analysing them.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the assessment criteria.
  5. Check that you understand the learning outcomes.

How do I do a good IOC IB?

5 Tips to Succeed on the IB IOC

  1. Know Thy Texts, Know Thy Writers. Source.
  2. Work Easier and Brainierlier.
  3. Explain Yourself.
  4. Embrace the Questions.
  5. There’s a Cake Analogy in This Bit, But I Couldn’t Think of a Good Cake Pun or Anything.

How can I improve my English at IB?

Make sure you’re reading all of the novels and poetry assigned to you in class, and take detailed notes on them. This will help you remember key themes and plot points so you don’t find yourself needing to reread a pile of books right before the exam.

How much is the IO worth in IB English?

How important is the IO? At SL the IO is worth 30% and at HL it is worth 20% of the final English A grade, so the short answer is that it’s pretty important and a good opportunity for students to boost their grade.

How do you end an individual oral?

A conclusion should be brief, and could address all or some of the following: A statement as to what is the most important element of the extract either an aspect of content or style, or both.

How long should English Io be?

around ten minutes
The IO is a short oral presentation of around ten minutes in which IB English students need to show that they can relate two texts of their choice to a global issue in a sophisticated and nuanced way.

Is the IOC the best way to prepare for later exams?

Yes, with the IOC the analysis is presented orally, but that means very little in terms of creating and organizing your analysis. By approaching the IOC as a testing ground for the later exams, we’re streamlining our whole process. Lessons learned now can greatly help improve scores later; advice for the later Papers can also improve studying now.

Why should I do the IOC?

Work Easier and Brainierlier The IOC is an excellent testing ground for skills you’ll need for Paper 1 and Paper 2 further down the road, so use this opportunity to refine your study skills and approach to the task. You will have to do a timed analysis (as with both Papers) on an unseen (Paper 1) excerpt from a text you know (Paper 2).

How to apply the acts method to your IOC?

How to apply it to your IOC Some things to keep in mind is that the IOC will be unseen. In other words, you have no idea what you’re going to get. Your teacher may narrow down the literary works you’ve studied in Part 4 to a select few novels, poems, short stories etc. However, it’s up to you to use ACTS to analyze and orally present in your IOC.