How do you beat the Queen Chrysalis?

Defeating Queen Chrysalis The player must first defeat four changelings, each requiring 5 Laughter Shards. Then the Queen may be tapped to initiate the next phase; four new changelings guards will be summoned, this time requiring Generosity Shards to defeat.

Is Princess Cadence older than shining armor?

Volume II guidebook. SHINING ARMOR is Twilight Sparkle’s older brother, Princess Cadance’s husband, and Flurry Heart’s father. He’s also the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard.

How did Princess cadance meet shining armor?

In “trial one” of Gaffer’s plan, which has Shining Armor simply talk to Cadance, they meet one another when she comes to foal-sit Twilight. Once again, Shining Armor is reduced to a mumbling wreck in her presence, but manages to give her a squeaky hello.

How did Queen Chrysalis become a changeling?

Princess Cadance proclaims that the impostor is a changeling, a creature that takes the form of those that are loved and gains power by feeding off the love for them. Enraged, the impostor suddenly transforms and introduces herself as queen of the changelings (named Chrysalis in the episode’s script but not on-screen).

Is Queen Chrysalis reformed?

Chrysalis was reformed by Spongebob in Welcome to Equestria Part 2.

Is Queen Chrysalis thorax’s mother?

At some point, his mother, Queen Chrysalis, tried to turn her king stronger and more powerful by stealing love. That caused her and her followers to become darker and more sinister. Because of that, Pharynx and his younger brother Pharynx defeated and expelled her, with Thorax becoming king.

Why did shining armor put the spell on Cadance?

After Cadance runs away from the rehearsal in distress, Shining Armor angrily explains that the spell Cadance used on him was meant to ease his chronic headaches. He excuses Cadance’s behavior as stress from the wedding preparations. After everyone leaves, Cadance returns and at first looks down compassionately at a rebuked Twilight.

Is shining armor married to Princess Cadance?

Also known as Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Twilight Sparkle’s former foal-sitter is married to Shining Armor. Voted Most Likely to Succeed by her Canterlot Academy classmates, Princess Cadance never let her title go to her head–but she DID let Shining Armor into her heart!

Is Princess Cadance really Queen Chrysalis?

The false Princess Cadance is actually Queen Chrysalis. Immediately after the flashback, Cadance joins Twilight and Shining Armor. Twilight enthusiastically greets her with the song-and-dance from the flashback, but Cadance coldly rebuffs her.

What did Princess Cadance do for the Crystal Empire?

In the book, she organizes a Garden Hearts Celebration to unite the Crystal Ponies and power the Crystal Heart to herald in the spring season. Princess Cadance appears in The Royal Wedding, All About Alicorns, Saving the Crystal Empire, The Crystalling, The Magic of Friendship .