How do you do nightclub stealth?


  1. Get to the door leading to the manager’s office.
  2. Mask up and lockpick the door.
  3. Kill the guards and hostage or kill the manager.
  4. Lockpick the safe and bag the Bloxy Cola there.
  5. (Optional) Bring the manager if you have hostaged him to the basement.
  6. Go to the back of the Nightclub and secure the loot.

Who has the keycard in nightclub?

The card can be found on one of the defending mobsters or the manager if he is outside of the office and tied or killed.

Do nightclub guards have pagers payday 2?

It’s only gangsters / thugs that don’t have pagers…. and security guards (blues in ED day 2). All stealth heists have pagers. Well, Nightclub.

Where is the safe in the nightclub payday 2?

Head upstairs in a crouch, then look to see if the manager is in his office. If he’s not, stay crouched, then set up the drill on the safe which will be located behind the manager’s desk.

Where is the Bloxy Cola in night club notoriety?

Bloxy Cola, or alternatively, Bloxxy Cola, is a loot found on Authority, Cook Off, Nightclub, Shadow Raid and Transport.

What does the nightclub do GTA online?

Nightclubs are a way for players to make legitimate income in GTA Online but also act as a Hub for players’ other illegal businesses that they already own via the expandable Nightclub Warehouse underneath.

Where is the camera room in GO bank?

Open vault Cameras can spawn in varying amounts, depending on difficulty; despite this, they will never be Titan grade due to the operator being off-site. The possible spawns include: Outside the bank, up to two at the main-entrance door, one might be at the drive-in counter and up to two behind the bank.

What is the lowest detection rate in PAYDAY 2?

Originally posted by CaptainLagbeard: 3 is the absolute minimum detection risk…

Is Bloxy Cola a drug?

Trivia. Bloxy Cola is considered a drug in Notoriety. This is likely because of cocaine, a type of loot from PAYDAY 2 that it replaces, which can be abbreviated as coke, also a nickname for Coca-Cola.

How do you Stealth 4 stores in notoriety?


  1. Case the stores, noting any guard spawns.
  2. Optional: With the tier 1 Ghost skill Chameleon aced, locate and take keycards.
  3. Optional: Open electronic doors for additional cover.
  4. Enter one of the stores and put on your mask.
  5. Empty the register(s).
  6. Discreetly navigate to another store, emptying its register(s).