How do you get rid of green worms on kale?

If you notice these worms, one way to control them is to physically remove them from your plants. Simply pick off the worms and egg masses, and place them in a container filled with soapy water. Another control method is to use the bacterial insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Btk).

How do you get rid of cabbage worms in kale?

Spraying with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki) every 1 to 2 weeks will also help control cabbage family pests. Sevin also is effective. And, the few pests that remain on the vegetables can be washed out after harvest using water and a small amount of detergent or other surfactant.

How do I get rid of bugs eating my kale?

Mix water and a few drops of nontoxic dish detergent and put it into a spray bottle. Spritz the kale leaves with the soapy water. This coats the leaves with a bitter residue that repels bugs, while also suffocating any existing pests.

What are these little green worms?

The small green worms you find in your trees are called cankerworms. These little caterpillars overwinter as eggs in the tops of shade trees. They typically hatch at the end of March-early April and begin feeding.

Is it OK to eat kale with bug holes?

Treat Your Leafy Greens Carefully If you are pretty sure the holes in your leafy vegetables were caused by insects or slugs, they should be safe to eat, as long as you wash them thoroughly, and remove any damaged portions.

How do you get rid of cabbage worms organically?


  1. Manual Removal.
  2. Floating Row Covers.
  3. Plant Purple & Red Varieties.
  4. Use Polyculture & Companion Planting.
  5. Beneficial Insects.
  6. Decoy Moths.
  7. Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Spray.
  8. Neem Oil Spray.

How do I keep cabbage moths off my kale?

Wormwood, thyme, marigolds, tomatoes, tansy and peppermint are all believed to help keep the cabbage worms away. You can also use companion plants like buckwheat and yarrow to attract beneficial insects to fight the cabbage worms for you. You may also consider interplanting single brassicas throughout a garden.

What is eating holes in my kale leaves?

If your holes are on the interior of the leaf, that means you have pests crawling along the underside and eating all the way through. While slugs and snails have been known to eat from kale, your culprit is most likely going to be caterpillars.

How do you get rid of cabbage aphids on kale?

Controlling Aphids on Kale Clip off badly infested kale leaves and immediately dispose of them in an active compost pile. Without a live plant host, they will soon perish. Follow up with a botanical spray (like those described below), insecticidal soap, or a light horticultural oil.

What do the little green worms turn into?

The little green worms hanging on a silk thread from Oak trees throughout Pinellas County are Oak Leafrollers and are harmless – a nuisance but harmless. The little green worms feed on Oak Tree leaves and then do what most caterpillars do – form a cocoon and then turn into a moth.

Where do the tiny green worms come from?

The caterpillar stage of the invasive winter moth (Operophtera brumato) eats young, tender leaves, sometimes before the leaves even get a chance to emerge from the bud. The winter moth caterpillar is just one of hundreds of species of tiny green caterpillars, or inchworms, found in North America.