How do you get spooky essence in MySims?

Possible ways to get this essence Peek in a sarcophagus. Sims react to popping bag “be mean” action. Sims also react to you if a Sim does “Be Mean” to you. Waking up your Sim while sleeping.

How do you get essence in MySims Kingdom?

The most common places to find this Essence are tree stumps, your houses, and Torajiro’s house. Fire Essence: You can find this one by pointing your Extractor at the Cool Trees, as well as Roy’s furniture store. Heart Essence: By planting some of the Lovely Trees, you’ll easily be able to find the heart essence.

How do you get stars in MySims Wii?

Star Levels can be reached by helping Commercial Sims and by moving in Townie Sims. Rosalyn P. Marshall will automatically be in town due to her mayor status. Also, there will be Buddy, the caretaker of the Town Hotel.

Where do you find Raven essence in MySims?

Although Ravens don’t appear as essences in MySims Kingdom, they do appear as statues in Spookane. The statues are near the gate that leads from the swamp to Grandma Ruthie’s cookie shop and Morcubus’ castle. Raven is one of the few essences that has the same name as a Sim.

How do you get chocolate in Mysims Kingdom?

Chocolate is an essence found on The Royal Academy by mining or pulling weeds. It can also be found by using a pineapple picnic, or in a chest on Candypalooza.

Where do you find tiny sharks in MySims?

Tiny Shark is a Geeky essence obtained by fishing by the west pier at the Desert’s beach. They can also be obtained by going in the hot tub….Tiny Shark (MySims)

Interest Geeky
Initial Location Desert
Specific Location Beach, West-Pier
Essence Type Fish
ID “tinyshark”

Where is the fun prospecting cave in MySims?

The Fun Prospecting Cave is a cave found at the Forest that you cannot access until you reach Star Level 3 and receive the pickaxe, as the entrance is blocked by a large group of rocks. There are, as the name suggests, Fun Essences buried in the ground, and has a very bright and shiny atmosphere inside.