How do you get the nightshade quest in wizard101?

When you finish the three streets off Olde Town; you will get a quest from the Headmaster to go get a key from the tower in Olde Town. That quest will eventually get you to find the door under the waterfall….and then the key to travel the spiral to Krokotopia! Careful in your travels!

Where is Lord Nightshades tower in wizard101?

the Haunted Cave
Lord Nightshade is the strongest boss in Wizard City in the main quest line. He was influenced by Malistaire to control the undead of Wizard City and destroy it. He resides in Stormdrain Tower, located at the end of the Haunted Cave.

How do I get to Aquila wiz101?

Aquila is not a separate World, but rather a zone in Wizard City. At Levels 30, 70, and 90 your wizard will now get quests from Cyrus Drake at the Myth School, granting them access to the three Aquila dungeons.

How do you become a nightshade?

When you finish the three streets off Olde Town, you go see the Headmaster. He sends you on a few quests that will send you to unlock that door. You will defeat Lord Nightshade in Haunted Cave.

Where is the akilles keep in Wizard101?

Akilles Keep, also known as Akilles’ Tower, was a keep located at the far end of Cyclops Lane in Wizard City. It was occupied by the Cyclops, General Akilles.

What does Lord nightshade drop in Wizard101?

Creature:Lord Nightshade

View Drops ⧨
Inc. Boost 20% to
Inc. Resist 50% to
Stunable No
Beguilable No

How do I unlock Stormdrain Tower?

Hope this helped. If you want to get into Stormdrain Tower, finish all the quests on Triton Avenue, Cyclops Way, and Firecat Alley. You get into there as one of the final quests of WC.

What level is Aquila w101?

You can unlock Aquila at level 30!

How do you get sky iron hasta in wizard101?

The Sky Iron Hasta always drops from completing the duel with Ares Savage Spear in the Mount Olympus dungeon in Aquila. Level requirement to begin the quest chain and enter the dungeon is 30. It comes from Mt O, but isn’t rare. You get one every time.

How do you transmute Nightshades?

One of the easiest way to obtain the reagent is by transmuting it using the Transmute Nightshade Recipe available from Wul’yahm, the Apprentice Crafter in The Oasis, Krokotopia. She sells the recipe for 200 gold. The recipe allows you to convert 15 Deep Mushrooms to one Nightshade.

Where do you get shadow oil in wizard101?

Vendors: Al Saf’wan – Krokotopia. Campbell Hodgson – Marleybone. Yuji Hamada – MooShu.