How do you know if you passed ISTEP?

The Parent Portal, via ISTEP testing vendor Pearson, can be accessed using a standard web browser and visiting Adults must sign up for an account, login and enter the student’s claim code. You will see your child’s score and performance level: Did Not Pass, Pass or Pass+.

Does Indiana still have ISTEP?

Discontinuation. On March 22, 2016, Mike Pence, then governor of Indiana, signed the House Enrolled Act 1395 at Eagle Elementary School in Zionsville, Indiana, which has the effect of eliminating ISTEP by July 1, 2017.

Is ISTEP and Ilearn the same thing?

It’s not that the test itself is getting easier or more difficult, Flores said, because ILEARN will test the same academic standards as ISTEP. But because the new exam will be “computer-adaptive,” the experience will be different for students.

What happens if you don’t pass ISTEP?

Students who don’t pass ISTEP can instead receive a waiver after retaking it every year or fulfill their diploma requirements by completing a graduation pathway, which gives students options such as taking dual credit courses or earning an industry-recognized certification.

Does ISTEP matter?

ISTEP is a pass/fail test the state uses to measure student academic achievement. While failing the exam doesn’t necessarily carry immediate consequences for a student, passing the newly instated 10th-grade test is now required for graduation.

What is the point of ISTEP?

The purpose of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+) program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

How long has ISTEP been around?

The first year for the A+ program and ISTEP was 1987-88. The A+ program changed the way that schools were accredited in Indiana. Under the old format, a consultant would visit a school.

Why is ISTEP a thing?

ISTEP was a custom-made test, made specifically to align to Indiana’s academic standards. McCormick said the state will be looking for an existing test to replace it – one that’s already been created and, thus, is cheaper.

What year did Ilearn start?

ILEARN introduced from the school year 2018-19.

Does Istep matter?

How do Istep scores work?

The ISTEP+ exams are a bit tricky for grading because they are graded based on a pattern scale of correctly answered questions and difficulty of questions. The test scores range from 100-400, but each subject matter has differing minimum passing scores.