How do you lay a Hennessy hammock?

Originally, Hennessy Hammocks were all diamond shaped, with the widest point at the middle of each side. Then Tom realized that the hammock would be more comfortable for sleeping if the occupant could lie as flat as possible by lying diagonally at about a 15 or 20 degree angle.

How do you keep a Hennessy hammock warm?

To use a space blanket as an emergency heat reflector, just put it under the hammock and tie the two corners at each end up over the ridge line with a small reef knot.

What is an asymmetric hammock?

Gathered End Asymmetric Hammock It is named for its two most distinct features: Its ends are gathered into a single bunch, and. It has an asymmetric shape (i.e. not symmetric) that allows the sleeper to lay diagonally to its center-line, which is a flatter sleeping position than the banana-shape of the center-line.

How do you size a hammock?

Hammock length: Hammock lengths vary much less than widths, and, unless you’re extra tall, you won’t need to worry about this dimension. A rule of thumb for camping and lounging hammocks is to look for a hammock that’s at least 2 feet longer than your height, which turns out to be most hammocks for most people.

How do you hang a hammock in your backyard?

At Home Or The Backyard

  1. Dig two holes into the ground for your posts.
  2. Place a post in each hole and backfill the holes with concrete.
  3. Wait about 12 hours for the concrete to set.
  4. Fix J-hooks to each post to serve as anchors.
  5. Tie one end of your hammock to each post and adjust the tension until you get the perfect hang.

What is a Hennessy hammock?

The Hennessy Hammock is the most innovative solution to lightweight, comfortable camping on the planet. We started the modern camping hammock revolution over 20 years ago by introducing the first fully enclosed hammock that allowed you to sleep flatter on a diagonal.

How do you use pass rope on a hammock?

Pass rope ends through webbing loops. Adjust the hammock until it is centered and the ridge line is level and under light tension. Wrap the loose rope end completely around the tensioned support rope and then drop rope end down into the space between the webbing loops and the tree. Tighten any slack in the lashing.

How do you adjust the fly on a hammock?

Tom’s directions: Align asymmetrical fly to match hammock shape. Clip the plastic “O” rings at each end of the canopy to the stronger plastic hooks on the sliding knot tensioner tied to the main support ropes — making sure to leave this adjustment untensioned until last.

Are the support ropes stronger than the hammock?

All of our support ropes and webbing straps are six times stronger than the weight rating of the hammock. We use tightly woven fabrics, a “no see um” mosquito mesh, a gear loft on the ridge line, a matching detachable rainfly, and a stuff sack with set up instructions on the back.