How do you make a piggy bank out of a bottle?

Make A Cute Piggy Bank from an old soda bottle With scissors cut a strip of pink craft paper to surround the middle section of the bottle. Mark a small coin shaped rectangle in the centre of the strip. Stick the card to the bottle. Ask an adult to cut around the rectangle to make a coin slot in the bottle and card.

How do you make a simple piggy bank with a plastic bottle?

Turn the bottle over to the bottom side, the side opposite of the slit opening. Glue on 4 pink beads so they look like the pig’s legs. Spread them apart equally so when you turn it back over the pig will be standing on the four bead legs.

How do you make a simple piggy bank?

Cut out a 1 inch (2.5 cm)-long coin slot with a box cutter. Have an adult slice a coin slot into the middle of 1 of the long sides of the bottle. Make the coin slot a little bigger than the biggest coin you plan on putting in the piggy bank.

What can you make a piggy bank out of?

You can find some great ideas among these chic DIY piggy banks!

  • White Mason Jar Piggy Bank.
  • Shadow Box Bank.
  • Sparkling Mason Jar Piggy Bank.
  • Starbucks Piggy Bank.
  • Cardboard Shadow Box Bank.
  • Superhero Piggy Bank.
  • Airplane Piggy Bank.
  • Tin Can Piggy Bank.

What can I make with empty plastic bottles?

Here’s 60 different ways you can reuse your everyday plastic bottles.

  1. Bird Feeder. Making a bird feeder is easy!
  2. Terrarium. This one is such a fun activity for kids!
  3. Egg Yolk Sucker. This little food hack is a game changer!
  4. Bottle Top Bag Seal.
  5. Piggy Bank.
  6. Watering Containers.
  7. Hanging Basket.
  8. Pencil Case.

How do you make a piggy bank out of a Clorox bottle?

Cut your holes in bottom of bottle so that the spools make the piggy bank stand right. Cut the circles and insert spool, hot glue around each one so they don’t come out. Paint on your eyes and your nose, a slot for the money, then spray with a sealer and you are done. Add your voice!

What can you make with water bottles?

11 creative ways to use a water bottle instead of recycling it

  1. Clean your drain.
  2. Wasp trap.
  3. Paint dabbers.
  4. Glass pasta (or anything) holders.
  5. No-sew zipper bottle containers.
  6. DIY spray paint container.
  7. Sprinkler.
  8. Dog toy.

What can be made out of glass bottles?

Flower Vase Centerpiece. Treehugger / Sanja Kostic.

  • Colorful Bottle Chandelier. Treehugger / Sanja Kostic.
  • Painted Flower Vases. Treehugger / Sanja Kostic.
  • Bottle Tree. Treehugger / Sanja Kostic.
  • Tiki Torch Bottles. Treehugger / Sanja Kostic.
  • Rainbow Wine Bottle Lanterns.
  • Candles in Cut Wine Bottles.
  • Calming Bottles.
  • How do you make a piggy bank out of water bottles?

    To make 2 of our DIY Water Bottle Piggy Banks you will need empty, clean, and dry water bottles. The shorter ones work best for piggies. Also gather together pink paper, googly eyes, pink pipe cleaners, pink wooden beads, hot glue, and scissors. On one side of each bottle, cut out a slit about 2 inches long and ½ inch wide.

    How to make a DIY piggy bank at home?

    You can make a DIY piggy bank from any other materials you have. You can upcycle the Tootsie roll container and combine it with the yellow and black scrapbook papers. You have to cover the Tootsie roll container with the yellow paper. After that put the zigzag black paper in the middle of the container.

    Are water bottle piggy banks safe for kids?

    But these DIY Water Bottle Piggy Banks are a fun way to safely collect change for all. That includes myself, too. No need to waste even more money by buying a piggy bank from the store, kids can simply make their own from water bottles!

    Can you make a felt piggy bank with a large jar?

    Well, if they’ve ever been Toy Story fans like ours are, then we think you might find success with this adorable Handy Hamm piggy bank outlined step by step on Disney Family! They show you how to make it happen using a large jar, some paint, and your papier mache techniques. 8. DIY felt piggy bank