How do you make edible sugar lace?


  1. Add Tylose to boiling water and with a small fork mix until you get a clear mixture.
  2. When the mix is clear, add confectioner sugar and cornstarch – mix again.
  3. Then add your corn syrup.
  4. Add white edible color – mix well.
  5. This mix can be kept in the refrigerator for a week.

Are doilies edible?

they are a flexible, edible lace that have a sweet, melt on your tongue, creamy taste. though i would be happy to simply have them on hand for cups of tea, hot cocoa and coffee, you could use these sweets just about anywhere.

How do you dye edible lace?

How do you colour Cake Lace? Cake Lace can be coloured with lustre dusts or gels. Rainbow Dust ProGels work well, but only add a small amount of gel so as not to change the consistency of the lace mixture which may prevent it from drying in the way you expect.

How long does edible lace take to dry?

If leaving to set naturally without using an oven, most cake lace mixtures will need to be set overnight, taking up to 24 hours. To speed up the process, we’d recommend placing the filled mats into a warm oven for 10 mins at 80°C.

How do you color sugar lace?

The best way to colour Cake Lace is to use gel colour, powdered food colour or airbrush( I would advise to drop the temperature 10 degrees and cook for longer, till the lace lifts from the corner of the mat easily). What is the best way to flavour the Cakelace? To flavour Cake Lace just a few drops of Lorann oils.

How do you dry edible lace in the oven?

Drying and Removing the Lace You can either let the sugar lace dry in the oven or air dry overnight. I placed mine in the oven at 170℉ (lowest setting) for 7 minutes. You don’t want to over bake it or the lace will become brittle. The center of my mat was still tacky, so I let it air dry for 2 hours.

How long can you keep edible lace for?

To adhere the Cake Lace to your cake use a little water straight onto the covered sugarpaste cake. Place the Cake Lace on and press gently. 10. Any Cake Lace mixture that is left can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.