How do you solve 5×3 23?

Algebra Examples Subtract 3 3 from both sides of the equation. Subtract 3 3 from 23 23 . Divide each term by 5 and simplify. Divide each term in 5x=20 5 x = 20 by 5 5 .

How do you solve 7x 4 18?

  1. 7x+4=18. 7x+4=18. Subtract 4 from both sides. Subtract 4 from both sides.
  2. 7x=18-4. 7x=18−4. Subtract 4 from 18 to get 14. Subtract 4 from 18 to get 14.
  3. 7x=14. 7x=14. Divide both sides by 7. Divide both sides by 7.
  4. x=\frac{14}{7} x=714​ Divide 14 by 7 to get 2. Divide 14 by 7 to get 2.

What is the exponent of 3a?

2—the number being repeated multiplied—is called the base. The exponent indicates the number of times to repeat the base as a factor. The student must take care not to confuse 3a, which means 3 times a, with a3, which means a times a times a….EXPONENTS I.

3a = a + a + a,
a3 = a · a · a.

What is e to the power?

e is the base of the natural logarithm. We use e in the natural exponential function (eˣ = e power x). In the eˣ function, the slope of the tangent line to any point on the graph is equal to its y-coordinate at that point. (1 + 1/n)ⁿ is the sequence that we use to estimate the value of e.

How do you simplify 5x 3?

Answer and Explanation: Simplifying (5x)3 gives 125×3.

Which is a solution of the equation 5x 2 17?

=> x = 3 Answer.

Which step explains the value of a 6a 72?

Answer: To find the value of a in 6a=72. On LHS 6 us being multiplied with a. So, it will be divided by 72, when taken to the RHS.

What does the exponent 4 mean?

In arithmetic and algebra, the fourth power of a number n is the result of multiplying four instances of n together. So: n4 = n × n × n × n. Fourth powers are also formed by multiplying a number by its cube. Furthermore, they are squares of squares.