How do you solve Machinarium?

  1. Push the lower left bulb.
  2. Push the top bulb.
  3. Push the lower right bulb.
  4. Push the left bulb.
  5. Push the upper right bulb.
  6. Push the bottom bulb.
  7. Push the upper left bulb.
  8. Push the right bulb.

How do you solve the arrow puzzle in Machinarium?

Use the panel on the wall to start the mechanism. The aim of this game is to move all red arrows up and all yellow arrows down, so to say you have to sort the up and down arrow into the right order. The red button on the right side resets all the moves you have done. Use it when you are stuck.

Where is the magnifying glass in Machinarium?

The Magnifying Lens can be found in one of the flytrap pitchers of the large Flytrap Plant.

How do you get the dog in Machinarium?

The Dog is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game….Acquisition

  1. Josef will have to obtain the special gun to catch the Dog.
  2. He will have to gain access to the control booth that controls the oil dispenser.
  3. Josef will have to attract the Dog nearer to him so that the Dog is within range of the Loaded Plunger Gun.

How do you beat connect 5 in Machinarium?

Get back into the pub and challenge the sitting robot for a game of connect five. The rules are that you win if you have 5 of your parts in a row, no matter if straight or diagonal and you can move wherever you want (unlike connect four, where you have to insert from the top).

How do you get the radio in Machinarium?

To get the Broken Radio Josef will have to help the Didgeridoo Player in the Robot Band. When Josef speaks to the Didgeridoo Player it shows that it is unable to play because there is a Rodent in the didgeridoo.

Who is Amanita Design?

Amanita Design is a Czech indie game developer. The studio was founded in 2003 by designer, artist and animator Jakub Dvorsky, and is known for its emphasis on surreal worlds, light-hearted humour, hand-crafted appeal and audiovisual experience.

How do you play creaks game?

The player controls a person who crawls through a hole in his bedroom wall and discovers a subterranean world home to various monsters called Creaks, which are inspired by a phenomenon called pareidolia: when the monsters encounter light, they turn into ordinary household objects that they otherwise resemble.

How do you get the plunger gun in Machinarium?

Prison Corridor The Plunger Gun can be found in the Prison Safe that is located in the locked security cell in the prison.