How do you tin punch a pattern?

Tape the paper to the metal, and place the metal on a piece of particleboard. Position the punching tool on one of the dots. Tap the end lightly with a hammer to make a groove in the metal; then tap again, more forcefully, to pierce. Repeat, making more holes to complete your design.

How do you install punched tin panels?

Place one or two layers of cardboard on a flat surface. Lay the tin panel on top of the cardboard. Using an awl and hammer, punch a hole in each dot on your tin-punch pattern. Punch each hole with the same pressure for holes of uniform size.

How do you punch a tin can?

Place the tin panel on a flat surface and tape the pattern in place. Set a piece of wood under the tin sheet at the point where you will begin punching the pattern. Place the tip of a nail or awl on each dot and strike the head with the hammer, driving the nail through the metal. Repeat for all the dots on the pattern.

What tools are used in the art of tin punching?

Tin punch accessories like hammers, protective gloves, abrasive pads and particle board to help you complete your tin punch projects. Metal blanks in various sizes for your tin punch project such as real tin plate, solid copper and brass, ant.

How do you make a hole in the bottom of a tin can?

Position a sharp, narrow nail above each mark on your pattern and gently tap it 3-4 times with the hammer until just the point has punched the tin can. Repeat for each mark until you have completed your pattern. Gently tap the nail to punch a hole in the can – careful not to hit your fingers!

How do you make textured metal?

Top Tools For Making Textures On Metal

  1. REPOUSSE HAMMER. A repousse hammer (also known as a chasing hammer) has a flat side and a domed side – using the domed side of the hammer will produce an extremely popular dramatic hammered metal effect.
  2. Gravers.
  3. Glass fibre scratch brush.
  4. Scriber.