How do you use Aussie Three Minute Miracle Reconstructor?

How to use

  1. Apply a generous splodge to hair, working through the lengths.
  2. Wait 3 minutes and let the miracle work its magic.
  3. Rinse baby, rinse!

Can I leave the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle on for longer?

Our 3 Minute Miracle Masks, also called deep treatments, are so potent they work almost instantly, but our careful selection of ingredients, including botanical Australian ingredients, mean all our treatments can also be left in longer or even overnight.

Is 3 Minute Miracle good for hair?

PERFECT FOR DRY HAIR Aussie Miracle Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner absorbs quickly to transform struggling strands into silky, shiny waves. This rich, creamy formula is infused with avocado and Australian jojoba oil and is great for all hair types.

Can you put a hair mask on dirty hair?

Don’t: Apply it on a greasy, dirty hair Using a hair mask on dirty (and dry) hair doesn’t work well as the grease coating your hair and scalp prevents the mask from penetrating deep inside.

Is it OK to deep condition everyday?

Washing your hair more than once or twice a week may be too often. Too much conditioning can create over-moisturized hair and disrupt the proper balance of moisture and protein that hair needs. Deep conditioning once or twice a week is more than enough, anything more than that may be overdoing it.

Does Aussie 3 Minute Miracle have sulfate?

12 answers. While it does have silicone, it is a silicone that can be broken up by sulfate-free shampoos.

What is a reconstructor conditioner?

Reconstructors are formulated to help repair protein damage caused by chemical services (permanent color, bleaching, perms or relaxers) or excessive heat styling. Use a protein reconstructor treatment weekly for two weeks, then once a month to maintain healthy hair.