How far is Tel Aviv Airport from city center?

The distance from Ben Gurion International Airport to downtown is 23 kilometers. The cheapest way from Tel Aviv airport to city center is by bus for $5 USD and the travel time around 20 minutes. You can also rent a car in Tel Aviv airport or get a private transfer.

Can I sleep in Tel Aviv Airport?

Sleeping in Tel Aviv Airport Overnight sleepers are common here, but sleep doesn’t come easy. Thanks to non-stop departures and arrivals, peace and quiet is rare. Travellers recommend the departure hall near the security check and food court.

What is main terminal at Ben Gurion Airport?

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s main international airport. It has two main terminals for arriving and departing passengers, Terminal 1, and Terminal 3. Domestic flights in Israel (to Eilat), and most European low-cost airlines (including easyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair) leave from Terminal 1.

What city is Ben Gurion airport in?

Ben Gurion International Airport, or Lydda Airport as it is sometimes referred to, is the largest international airport in Israel. The airport is located near the town of Lod around 15km (nine miles) south-east of the capital Tel Aviv.

How many airports does Tel Aviv have?

Quick Jump links to Tel Aviv Airports The Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) and Sde Dov Airport (SDV) are the two airports serving Tel Aviv, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Ben Gurion Airport is the main international airport and the busiest in Isreal, located on the outskirts of Lod.

Which airport serves Jerusalem?

Israel’s international airport Ben Gurion Airport is situated near the town of Lod, 35 minutes from Jerusalem and about a half hour drive from Tel Aviv.

How early should I get to Ben Gurion Airport?

How long before check-in should I arrive at the airport? Please arrive at the flight registration counters 4 hours before takeoff. Have a safe flight.

How to get from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv airport?

An affordable and reliable option for transportation to and from Ben Gurion / Tel Aviv Airport is this Airport Shuttle. Shuttles are quick and hassle-free and can be pre-arranged for transport to and from the airport in Tel Aviv. Taxis are outside the airport’s arrivals hall and you can either pay by the meter or ask for a flat rate.

How much does it cost from Tel Aviv airport to city centre?

Thus, the official cost from Tel Aviv airport to city centre should always be around 39€. The price can vary due to factors such as: time of the day (after 21:15 there is a surcharge of +25%), +1.2€/luggage , type of vehicle and the amount of people inside the car (+1€/person after the first person).

Who guards Tel Aviv airport?

Tel Aviv Airport is also known as the world’s well-guarded airports, because it’s guarded by the Israeli police officers and border police soldiers too. The airport securities are both in uniform and others are just undercover agents that look like civilians.

What is Tel Aviv airport known as in Hebrew?

Tel Aviv Airport is also known as Ben Gurion Airport in Hebrew and it is Israel’s main airport handling international flights.