How is trade finance Structured?

It typically takes the form of pre–payment financing or pre–export financing, structured around the supply chain and commercial terms of customers, and may use export contracts, trade receivables and collection accounts as collateral.

What are structured trade products?

Structured trade finance products are used primarily in the commodity sector by traders, producers and processors. Banking corporations tailor these financing arrangements based on the needs of the client. Structured trade products are mainly warehouse financing, working capital financing and pre-export financing.

What is structured LC?

SE: Structured LC business combines the financing of a real flow of commodities using the instrument of deferred payment LCs with the purpose of providing funding to financial institutions (importers’ bank / LC Issuing Bank) in mainly emerging markets and realising a benefit from other arbitrage (FX / interest rates) …

What is STF in banking?

Structured trade finance is a type of debt finance, which is used as an alternative to conventional lending. It is regularly used in developing countries and in relation to cross border transactions.

What does STF focus on?

STF stands for Smooth Trans Focus and it refers to an optical design that has a special “apodization” element in the lens. The apodization element is concave and has a gradual neutral tint. That apodization element acts to smooth the out of focus areas and create beautiful bokeh in both foreground and background.

What is STF in finance?

What is SLC finance?

A synthetic letter of credit (SLC) is a pre-funded, negotiable instrument that guarantees a specified payment will be rendered. Letters of credit can be structured in a variety of ways.

What is SLC in banking?

Union Standby Line of Credit(SLC)

What is commodity structuring?

Structured Commodity Financing (SCF) is a financing technique to provide assistance in the trade flow of commodities. SCF was specifically designed for commodity producers and trading companies doing business in the developing markets.

What is commodity structure?

The commodity structure enables you to categorize items, services, and supplier branch information in a hierarchical tree structure. After you set up the commodity structure, you create relationships for commodities. The system uses commodity relationships to provide default information for requisitions.