How long does it take to go through Crayola Factory?

What are your hours of operation? Crayola Experience hours vary depending on the time of year. Daily operating hours and special events are always posted on our calendar. We recommend allowing at least 3-4 hours for your visit to ensure you can try each and every attraction!

Are masks required at the Crayola Factory?

Are face masks required? Per CDC guidelines, masks are not required for guests within Crayola Experience. Masks are available for purchase in The Crayola Store, while supplies last.

How much do Tickets cost Crayola Experience?

How much is admission? Tickets are $27.99 plus tax per person. Take $3 OFF if you purchase online. Children 2 and under are FREE.

Do Crayola Factory Tickets expire?

No problem. Your ticket is valid for one year from issue date and is being extended for the number of days we are temporarily closed. This is automatic and requires no action on your part. Just hold onto your ticket and contact us at [email protected] once we reopen so we can reschedule your visit.

What is a good age for the Crayola Factory?

Children ages 3-10 will likely get the most out of a Crayola Experience visit.

Can you bring food to Crayola Factory?

With each admission, you get two tokens to use inside the Crayola Experience (more on that in a minute). You are not allowed to bring food and beverages in, but there are lockers at your disposal. They will search your bags. It’s not as intense as Citi Field, but you do have to open it up and they’ll look in the bag.

What age is good for Crayola Factory?

What age is Crayola Factory Good For?

Can you tour the actual Crayola Factory?

Although we no longer offer tours, the company opened its first Crayola Experience in 1996 in downtown Easton, PA, where children of all ages are encouraged to play, explore, and learn.

Can you make your own crayon at the Crayola Factory?

Customize Your Own Crayon! At this Crayola Experience attraction, you can personalize and print an authentic Crayola crayon label and wrap it around your color of choice to create your own unique crayon to take home.

How much money does Crayola make a year?

On average, the facility makes 3 billion Crayola crayons per year. The company, which has annual revenue of $750 million, according to Hoover’s, also makes 600 million Crayola Colored Pencils, 465 million markers, 110 million sticks of chalk, 9 million Silly Putty eggs and 1.5 million jars of paint annually.

Do parents have to pay for Crayola Experience?

Free admission if your child is 3 yo or younger. Admission is full price for all others. I would recommend finding discount tickets either on the Crayola Experience website prior to arriving or showing your AAA card for a discount.