How many albums did full moon sell?

It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 and atop the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, selling 156,000 copies in its first week, and has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), selling over one million copies in the United States….Full Moon (Brandy album)

Full Moon
Recorded June–November 2001

When was full moon released?

March 5, 2002
Happy 20th Anniversary to Brandy’s third studio album Full Moon, originally released March 5, 2002.

Did Pharrell help Brandy?

R&B female performer Brandy won’t slow down when it comes to her career in Hollywood music industry as she reportedly is working on a new album, which will be her sixth. Aiming for what is best for the upcoming record, she is said enlisting helps from music greats The-Dream and Pharrell Williams.

Why is Brandy the vocal Bible?

Why Brandy Is The Vocal Bible? She received the nickname “The Vocal Bible” for her incredible vocal skills after releasing her gold-selling debut album at just 15 years old in 1994. The singer, despite her ups and downs in the business, is grateful for her impact on today’s R&B music.

Was Brandy pregnant during full moon?

Norwood was nearly six months pregnant at the time of the filming. “Full Moon” was included on set lists of the Human World Tour (2009) and the Slayana World Tour (2016), and has been performed live by Norwood during several televised events.

Who produced brandy album?

Keith Crouch
Four singles were released from the album. “I Wanna Be Down” was chosen as the album’s lead single and peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100….Brandy (album)

Length 55:46
Label Atlantic
Producer Keith Crouch Kenneth Crouch Arvel McClinton Somethin’ for the People Damon Thomas
Brandy chronology

How often is there a pink moon?

The moon orbits Earth every 29 days, which is why there’s a full moon approximately once a month. April’s full moon is called the “Pink Moon” because April sees the emergence of pink wildflowers in North America.

Is Brandy a good singer?

Dubbed “The Vocal Bible,” Brandy has an incredible catalogue filled with many glorious vocal moments that singers have been attempting to duplicate for years. And it’s not just that Brandy has “good” runs. It’s the fact that she has the ability to execute them intricately with both precision and speed.

Who is the guy in Brandy’s Full Moon video?

Norwood, who was nearly six months pregnant at the time of the video shoot, does not dance in the video, which features model and Moesha actor Yoki Brown as her male counterpart.

What genre is full moon by Brandy?

Musically, Full Moon drew inspiration from UK garage, electro, dance, glitch, and funktronica, while blending soul and R&B elements into adult contemporary ballads. The album was initially met with mixed reviews from critics, but later earned recognition from musicians, singers, and producers, primarily for Brandy’s vocal work.

Why did Norwood name her album “The album of the full moon?

Norwood titled the album of the full moon in honor of its title track and in reference to the previous three years of her life.

When was Brandy-full moon by Slant released?

was made available for streaming on January 2, 2002; it was serviced to rhythmic and urban contemporary radio as Full Moon ‘s lead single on January 18. ^ a b c d e fCinquemani, Sal (2002-02-17). “Brandy – Full Moon “. Slant.

What is the meaning behind the song’Full Moon’by Brandy?

The title of the intro references producer Rodney Jerkins’s nickname for Brandy. The first full song on the album is title track ” Full Moon “, producer Mike City ‘s only contribution to Full Moon.