How many Convair 580s were built?

Convair CV-240 family

CV-240 family CV-240 / CV-300 / CV-340 / CV-440 Metropolitan / CV-540 / CV-580 / CV-600 / CV-640 / CV5800
Introduction February 29, 1948 with American Airlines
Primary user American Airlines
Produced 1947–1954
Number built 1,181

How big is a commuter plane?

Fokker 100

Seats: Up to 8
Luggage Space: 49 cubic ft
Cabin Height: 5 ft 9 In
Cabin Width: 6 ft 0In
Cabin Length: 21 ft 4 In

What engine is on the Convair 580?

Alison 501-D13H engine
The Convair 580 is powered by the Alison 501-D13H engine, which allows it to perform at a maximum range of 2,577 nm.

What is a Convair 580?

The Conair CV580 is a turboprop version of the highly successful Convair 340/440 series of passenger and freighter aircraft. Possessing all the proven attributes of its predecessor, the CV580 offers turbine reliability, improved fuel availability, and improved aircraft performance.

What is the meaning Convair?

Convair, previously Consolidated Vultee, was an American aircraft manufacturing company that later expanded into rockets and spacecraft. The company was formed in 1943 by the merger of Consolidated Aircraft and Vultee Aircraft.

What is a Convair 5800 conversion?

Kelowna Flightcraft in Canada however has offered the most ambitious Convair conversion program, the 5800, having stretched the 580 by 4.34m (14ft 3in) and reverting to the 440’s original tail unit. Production conversions have a new freight door and digital avionics with EFIS.

What kind of radar does the Convair 580 have?

Upgrades to the avionics include the addition of an IntuVue RDR-4000 Weather Radar System, the fastest airborne 3D weather radar. The Convair 580 model has since retired after more than 67,000 flight hours and 67 years of flight experience.

How many Convair Convair 540s were built?

Additionally 10 turboprop 540s were built by Canadair. 170 340s and 440s converted to 580s, 38 240s converted to 600s, 27 340s and 440s converted to 640s. 80 converted Convairs remained in commercial service in late 1998. In addition there have been four 5800 conversions, with a fifth currently under construction.

What was the first Convair plane to be converted?

The first such conversion flew on January 19 1960, although it was not until June 1964 that a converted aircraft entered service. Convair’s own conversion program involved Rolls Royce Darts, and the first of these flew on May 2 1965. Thus converted 240s became 600s, while 340s and 440s became 640s.