How many cranks movies are there?

Crank 2: High Voltage2009

How did Chev Chelios survive?

The plot centres on a British hitman based in Los Angeles named Chev Chelios who is poisoned and must keep his adrenaline flowing constantly in order to keep himself alive. He does so by various methods including taking drugs and getting into fights, while he tries to track down the man who poisoned him.

What happened to Chev Chelios?

Carlito himself is betrayed and killed by Verona, who flees on Carlito’s helicopter but Chev follows him. Chev fights Verona out of the helicopter and as both of them are falling from the helicopter in the sky, Chev snaps Verona’s neck, killing him.

Is Crank 3 coming out?

It’s got to be creatively driven.” Despite fan enthusiasm over the series, a studio would have to believe there’s a profitable reason for Crank 3 to exist, which there is currently no sign of. “Because let’s face it, Crank 2 is a really cool movie, but it made like $12 at the box office,” Taylor confessed.

Is there a Crank sequel?

Crank 2: High VoltageCrank / Sequel

Is there a crank 3 coming out?

Is there a crank 2 movie?

Is there a war 2 Jason Statham?

War features the second collaboration between Jet Li and Jason Statham, reuniting them for the first time since 2001 film The One. Jason Statham plays an FBI agent determined to take down a mysterious assassin known as Rogue (played by Jet Li), after his partner is murdered….War (2007 film)

Box office $40.7 million

What was in Johnny Vang’s box?

Chev wakes up in a makeshift hospital and sees doctors removing his heart while Johnny Vang (Art Hsu) watches. The doctors place Chev’s heart in a white cooler with a padlock, and place a clear plastic artificial heart in his chest.

When did crank 2 come out?

April 17, 2009 (USA)Crank 2: High Voltage / Release date

Does Netflix have Crank 2?

Watch Crank 2: High Voltage | Netflix.