How many finches can you keep in an aviary?

Recall that finches should always be kept at least two to a cage, but that keeping more than 2 birds in a cage may result in the dominant bird(s) of certain species attacking their more submissive cagemates.

Can finches live in an outdoor aviary?

If you plan on keeping a flock of finches or a mixture of compatible species, an outdoor aviary or a bird room will be ideal. The finches will benefit from lots of space, the fresh air and abundance of sunlight.

How big do aviary finches get?

Aviary Size As a rule of thumb, you need at least 12cm of aviary length per finch, with a width measuring at least half the length. So, in a cage measuring 180x180x90cm you can house 15 average-sized finches. Scaling up, an aviary of 600x600x300cm will accommodate 50 finches.

How many finches should be kept together?

You should keep more than one finch. They always need to be kept as two or more as they are very social.” Just because you should have more than one doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have all the same species. However, Coury warns that not all species can be housed together.

What needs to be in a finch cage?

In the cage, have two food and water bowls, as well as shallow bowl for your finches to bathe in. Provide stimulation in the form of companionship as well as foraging toys—places where you can hide seeds and other treats for your birds to find and get out.

Can two male finches live together?

Only male finches sing; female vocalizations are more chirps and beeps. As with most birds, males are also more colorful, but since many finches are brown it’s tough to distinguish the sexes. Two females will be happy cage mates. Two males may get along, or they may be aggressive toward each other.

How can I keep my outdoor aviary warm?

If you have an electricity supply in the aviary, a powerful bulb or two (120 watts is good) or a ceramic heat lamp (up to 250 watts) will do the job. These will need heat-proof covers to prevent the birds burning themselves. You can buy purpose-made aviary tube-lamp heaters, or wall-mounted heaters, in various sizes.

Is it cruel to keep birds in an aviary?

They are cruel and inhumane -– since birds are meant to fly. The cages are often completely barren, devoid of any objects, toys, or enrichment for birds to climb on, play with, and behave normally. Isolating birds in these small cages is stressful for them, as they are social, smart and playful animals.

What birds Can I put with finches?

Finches will not be happy or healthy if kept alone. The one species that can be kept alone is the Canary. All other species of Finch will need to be kept in at least pairs.

What size cage is best for finches?

Finches live happiest with a partner, and most avian experts recommend 3-4 square feet of cage floor space per pair of finches. Finch cages should be at least 30 inches in length for each pair of birds.

What was your first finch aviary design?

My first finch aviary design was a simple rectangle. It was 9 foot by 12 foot and was both fantastic and a nightmare! It was impossible to catch birds or know what was going on all the time.

How to keep finches in an aviary?

Just watching your birds in their finch aviary can keep you entertained for hours. If you plan on keeping a colony of finches, an outdoor finch aviary is ideal. The fresh air will help keep your birds vigorous & strong. And the daily exercise will promote reproductive health and physical fitness.

What does a finch aviary look like?

The aviary looks very natural with an assortment of plants and grasses (including seeding grasses that finches can eat) and a water feature. The nesting area is hidden away in an enclosed section at the back.

How do I design my aviary?

The design of your aviary will depend on several factors – the number of birds you want to keep, the mix of species, the outdoor area available, the amount you are able to spend on it, and the views of your family and neighbours!