How many firefighters are there in Sudbury?

Part of the city’s Department of Emergency Services, which includes both fire and EMS, the city employs 107 career staff and 350 volunteer firefighters.

How much does a firefighter make in Sudbury Ontario?

$76,940 (CAD)/yr.

Is there a fire ban in Sudbury right now?

There are currently no active bush fires within the City of Greater Sudbury MNR protection area and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry continues to respond to several fires across northeastern Ontario. All open air fire permits have been cancelled for the duration of the ban.

When can I have a fire Sudbury?

Fire must be set between one half hour before sunset and one half hour after sunrise. Persons responsible must be able to limit the spread of the fire, extinguish it and, if necessary, call the Fire Department.

Who is the fire chief in Sudbury?

Graham Campbell – Firefighter – Greater Sudbury Fire Services | LinkedIn.

How much do police officers make in Ontario?

Police Officer Salaries in Ontario The provincial hourly rate ranges from $30.05-$57.69/hr with a median hourly wage of $46.15/hr. The salary range for police officers in Ontario is $56k-$117k/year, while the median annual salary is $97,115/year.

How much do firefighters earn Ontario?

Firefighters (NOC 4312) usually earn between $28.04/hour and $55.61/hour in Ontario.

How much does a FBI make in Canada?

The average pay for a Special Agent FBI is $108,334 a year and $52 an hour in Canada.

Is it hard to become a firefighter in Ontario?

A career as a Firefighter puts you on the front line of emergency response in the Province of Ontario! Becoming a firefighter is one of the most challenging, fast-paced and rewarding professions available – and it might be just what you have been seeking for in a career!

How do I contact Greater Sudbury fire services?

Fire Prevention Fire Stations Services and Permits Training and Recruiting Contact the City Online: Customer Service Portal Email: [email protected] Local: Dial 311 Long Distance: 705-671-2489 For issues related to website accessibility, or if you require information in an accessible format, please contact accessibility.

How many fire trucks does Greater Sudbury have?

Greater Sudbury Fire Services is comprised of career and volunteer firefighters dedicated to delivering fire protection services throughout the City of Greater Sudbury. We operate a fleet of 73 fire trucks and associated equipment out of 24 stations, eight of which we share with Paramedic Services.

What is the history of the Sudbury fire department?

The City of Greater Sudbury was formed on January 1st, 2001 through an amalgamation of seven municipalities and surrounding unorganized areas. Eight fire services were merged to form the new fire department: Areas of Wanup formerly covered by the Estaire-Wanup Volunteer Fire Brigade were also included.

How do I become a Sudbury firefighter?

This is done on an as-needed basis and at the direction of the City of Greater Sudbury Fire Chief. Our recruitment process consists of a formal application, interview, physical ability testing, health and medical testing and submission of required documents.