How many francophone people live in Canada?

French is the mother tongue of approximately 7.2 million Canadians (20.6 per cent of the Canadian population, second to English at 56 per cent) according to the 2016 Canadian Census.

What percent of Canadians are anglophones?

Use of English English is the major language everywhere in Canada except Quebec and Nunavut, and most Canadians (85%) can speak English.

What percentage of Ontarians are French?

Francophones make up 4.7% of the Ontario population, down slightly (-0.1%) since 2011. While the number of Francophones in Ontario is on the rise, the proportion of Francophones against the total population of the province has fallen since 1986. The Francophone population has increased in Eastern and Central Ontario.

What percentage of Canada is French Canadian?

French Canadians make up the majority of the native speakers of French in Canada, which account for 22 percent of the country’s total population, as well as the majority of Quebec’s population, where they are referred to as Quebecers or Québécois.

How many francophones live outside of France?

French Polynesia, which has a population of 267,000, is the most populous of these entities, where French is the official language. All of the entities that have French as the official language are, in alphabetical order: Aosta Valley. French Guiana, French Polynesia….French Speaking Countries | Francophone Countries 2022.

Country 2022 Population
DR Congo 95,240,792

Is French increasing or decreasing in Canada?

The percentage of inhabitants in the province claiming that French is their native language dropped from 81.5% in 2001 to 79% in 2016. Worse still, this number went under the 50% mark (49.6%) on the island of Montreal, an area home to a quarter of the Quebecer population.

Is French increasing in Canada?

In the last 30 years, between 1981 and 2011, the Canadian population has increased nearly 38%. By comparison, the population whose mother tongue is French grew 16%. The population with French as the language spoken most often at home or as first official language spoken increased by 17.6% and 21.3%, respectively.

What percentage of Quebecers speak French?

Numbers of native speakers

Language Number of native speakers Percentage of singular responses
French 6,102,210 78.1%
English 1,103,475 13.7%
Arabic 164,390 2.1%
Spanish 141,000 1.8%

How many francophones are in Ontario?

Using the Inclusive Definition of Francophone, the French-speaking population in Ontario is 622,415. 11.2% of the population (1,490,390 people) can speak both English and French – 7% increase since 2011!

How many francophones are there in Prince Edward Island?

Characteristics. According to the 2016 census, 4,865 members of Prince Edward Island’s Acadian community reported French as their first official language. Acadians are concentrated mainly in Prince County, particularly in the Evangeline region.

Is French declining in Quebec?

Despite what many may think, the drop in French speakers is not always due to an increase in English speakers. In Quebec, the percentage of Anglophones (a little more than 8% of the population), has not changed. Through immigration, an increasing number of people speak other languages than French and English.