How many Katha are there in Bihar?

In the Indian state of Bihar, one katha may vary from 750 ft² to 2000 ft². Also this can be 32 by 30 feet in length and breadth respectively. In South Bihar and Patna, 1 Kattha is generally equal to 1361 ft². 20 Kathas equals 1 Bigha.

What is the value of 1 Katha?

One Katha is equal to 1361.0 Square Feet.

How much is 10 Kattha in square feet?

Katha to Square Feet Converter

Katha Square Feet (sq ft)
8 Katha = 5760 Square Feet (sq ft)
9 Katha = 6480 Square Feet (sq ft)
10 Katha = 7200 Square Feet (sq ft)
11 Katha = 7920 Square Feet (sq ft)

How much is 2 Kattha in square feet?

1,440 Square Foot
Full list of Katha to sqft conversion

Katha Square foot (Sqft)
1 Katha = 720 Square Foot (sq ft)
2 Katha = 1,440 Square Foot (sq ft)
3 Katha = 2,160 Square Foot (sq ft)
4 Katha = 2,880 Square Foot (sq ft)

How is land measured in Bihar?

Land measurement in Bihar the smaller unit for land measurement used by farmer for purchase and sale is dhurki,1 dhurki is equal to 3.403 sq ft that is 0.3161 sq m and 1 dhur is equal to 20 dhurki that is 68.05 sq ft or 6.322 sq m and 1 katha is equal to 20 dhur that is 1361 sq ft or 126.4 sq m and 1 bigha is equal to …

What is the rate of land in Bihar?

Land / Plots for sale in Bihar

Property Asking Price (EMI)
Residential Plot (1,500 sq ft) 18,00,000 (EMI: 13,818)
Residential Plot (1,361 sq ft) 25,85,900 (EMI: 19,851)
Residential Plot (3,000 sq ft) 3,10,00,000 (EMI: 2.37 L)
Residential Plot (1,000 sq ft) 8,05,000 (EMI: 6,180)

How do you convert square feet to Kattha?

  1. How many Katha in Square Feet? 1 Square Feet = 0.000734754 Katha. To convert more, use Square Feet to Katha Calculator.
  2. How many Square Feet in Katha? 1 Katha = 1361.0005686 Square Feet. To convert more, use Katha to Square Feet Calculator.
  3. Which are globally accepted land measurement units?

What is Dismil Bihar?

Dismil is a unit of measurement for area. It is commonly used in various states of India and Bangladesh for land measurement. One dismil is equal to 1/100 acre.

How is land value calculated in Bihar?

Check minimum value of land in Bihar through minimum value register service by Official Portal of Bihar. Users can calculate minimum value of land by selecting District Sub-Registry Offices (DSRO) or Sub-Registry Offices (SRO), circle code and thana number.

What is the cost of 1 Bigha in Bihar?

A few years ago, a bigha land was priced at Rs 5-6 lakh. Now, one would have to shell out Rs 10 lakh for 1 cottah; in other words, around Rs 2 crore for a bigha. Construction work in Bihta has also increased the sale of building material.

What is the size of 1 Katha in Bihar?

1 katha = sq ft in Bihar:-generally in whole Bihar 1 katha is = 750 sq ft to 2000 sq ft. In North Bihar and Patna region, Muzaffarpur, Purnea, Darbhanga, Begusarai, Katihar, Motihari, along the basin of Ganga river 1 katha is = 1361 sq ft. 1 Katha = 1361 sq ft Bihar in Muzaffarpur.

How much is a square foot in Katha?

Depending upon the names of the units, their sizes also vary from State to State. How much is Square Feet in Katha terms? One Square Feet is equal to 0.0007347538575 Katha. Click here to convert

What is the difference between Katha and bigha?

Katha is a subunit of Bigha. 1 Bigha is equal to 20 Katha. On Other side, Sq. Feet is mainly used in US and its origin also happened in US. 1 Sq. Feet is the area of a Square with 1 feet side.

How many Katha = Gaj in Bihar?

1 katha = gaj in Bihar:- In North Bihar and Patna 1 Katha is = 152.69 square Gaj. 1 Katha = 1361 sq ft Bihar in Muzaffarpur.