How many kids are at Portage Northern?


Portage Northern High School
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,420.75 (2019-20)
Student to teacher ratio 20.99
Language English

What division is Portage Northern High School?


MHSAA ID: 4794
School Colors: Brown & White
League: Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference
Enrollment: 1227
Class/Div: A

How many high schools are in Michigan?

There are 1,870 high schools in Michigan, made up of 1,701 public schools and 169 private schools. Michigan ranks as the 10th state in terms of student enrollment and 8th in terms of total number of schools.

What county is Forest Hills Northern in?


Forest Hills, Michigan
County Kent
Townships Ada and Cascade
• Total 50.80 sq mi (131.57 km2)

What time does Portage Northern High School start?

Daily Bell Schedule:

1st hour 7:40 – 8:30
1st hour 7:40-8:03
2nd hour 8:08 – 8:31
3rd hour 8:36-9:00
4th hour 9:05-9:31

How many students are at Portage Central High School?

3Portage Central High School / Number of students (2019–2020)

What conference is Portage Northern in?

The Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference (also known as the SMAC or the Big 16) is a high school athletic conference in Southwestern Michigan….Current members.

School Portage Northern
County Kalamazoo
Enrollment 1,274
Mascot Huskies
Colors Brown/White

What conference is Forest Hills Northern in?

Ottawa-Kent Conference

Forest Hills Northern High School
Color(s) Columbia blue, black and white
Athletics conference Ottawa-Kent Conference
Nickname Huskies

What is the zip code for Forest Hills Michigan?

Forest Hills/Zip codes

What time does Portage Central Middle School start?

School starts promptly at 7:40. Students are not permitted inside the building until proper supervision is available for them at 7:25am. After 2:40 p.m., all students must exit the building unless they are directly involved in athletics or other school sponsored activities.