How many migrants are in Mumbai?

The Urban Agglomeration of Mumbai which includes the districts of Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, and Thane had a population of 2.35 crore at the time the 2011 Census was carried out. Of this total population, 1.01 crore, or 43.02 per cent, were recorded as migrants as per the definition of the Census authorities.

What is the migration rate in Mumbai?

The latest census data (2001) show that migrants accounted for about 37 per cent of the decadal growth of population of Mumbai.

Are there many migrants living in Mumbai?

Now that Mumbai has the largest proportion of migrants from Uttar Pradesh (one out of every 5 migrant is from U.P.), the most populous state of India and most of them have migrated due to economic reasons it has been aimed to study about these migrants. The sex ratio is highly in favor of males.

Which city in India has highest migrants?

District-wise migration data in the Economic Survey for 2016-17 show that the highest influx of migrants within the country is seen in city-districts such as Gurugram, Delhi and Mumbai along with Gautam Buddh Nagar (Uttar Pradesh); Indore, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh); Bangalore (Karnataka); Thiruvallur, Chennai.

How many people migrate to Mumbai a day?

about 1000 migrants
Thousands of people across India move from the countryside to the city every day (about 1000 migrants move to Mumbai everyday).

Which state has highest migration in India?

Maharashtra and Delhi are the two main states where the largest in migration during the last ten years occurred. Maharashtra received 19 percent and Delhi received 13 percent share of total in-migrants for various states.

Why does Mumbai attract migrants?

Mumbai, historically a port city, has been shaped by its migrants. Initially, most of Mumbai’s migrants were from areas such as Gujarat, Konkan and western Maharashtra — all parts of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency. The textile boom brought another wave of migration to the city.

How many migrants are there in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is that the prime destination for migrants from alternative states with a population of forty three thousand migrants who had migrated in last one year, in accordance with census 2001 knowledge.

Which state in India has more migrants?

What is the rate of migration in Maharashtra?

In-migration rates of Maharashtra are 3.8 and 2.8 for males and females respectively.