How many people work at Lakeridge?

5,400 employees
Supported by a dedicated team of more than 5,400 employees, 760 physicians and 1,700 volunteers across 16 locations, Lakeridge Health is working with partners at all levels to create an integrated health system to improve the health and wellness of the more than 650,000 people in Durham Region.

How many beds does Lakeridge Health have?

363Lakeridge Health Oshawa / Number of beds

When did Oshawa General Hospital change to Lakeridge?

Less than 30 years later, the Bowmanville hospital, North Durham Health Services, the Whitby General Hospital and the Oshawa General Hospital formed an amalgamation from the direction of the Ontario Government and renamed their hospitals to Lakeridge Health in 1998.

Who owns Lakeridge Health?

the Central East Local Health Integration Network
Lakeridge Health is part of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (CE LHIN).

Is Lakeridge Health a teaching hospital?

Lakeridge Health is committed to providing an exceptional teaching and learning environment in which to shape your healthcare career. We offer a wide range of clinical, collaborative research, educational and practical learning experiences in our state-of-the-art facilities and simulation labs.

How old is Bowmanville hospital?

The hospital was founded as Memorial Hospital Bowmanville in 1913.

How many beds does Port Perry hospital have?

“We’re all very angry about this, we’re not going to be a viable hospital for much longer. There are only going to be 26 beds in this hospital, in a community with thousands and thousands of people and more moving here all the time.

How many beds are in Oshawa General Hospital?

Who is the CEO of Lakeridge Health?

Matthew Anderson (Nov 2016–)Lakeridge Health / CEO

Does Ajax have a hospital?

Since the merger of the Ajax-Pickering General Hospital and Centenary Hospital, we have been known as the Auxiliary to Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering Hospital. And now under our new banner; Ajax Pickering Hospital Auxiliary.

Does Bowmanville hospital have MRI?

Using the best technology available, our team provides a full range of diagnostic services for our patients and families. Some of the services we provide include: Bone Mineral Density. Breast MRI.

Is Whitby getting a new hospital?

Lakeridge Health, a hospital and health-care network that serves the region east of Toronto, announced Thursday the new facility will be built on 50 acres in north Whitby, near highways 407 and 412. This is great news for all Durham residents, Whitby Coun. Steve Yamada told CBC News.