How many railway stations are there in Trivandrum?

Stations in Thiruvananthapuram District

Station Name Station Code No. of Trains Passing
Trivandrum Central (TVC) 87
Varkala (VAK) 44
Kochuveli (KCVL) 34
Trivandrum Pettai (TVP) 16

What is the name of Thiruvananthapuram railway station?

Thiruvananthapuram Central, formerly Trivandrum Central (also known as Thampanoor railway station) (station code: TVC), is a major railway station which serves the city of Thiruvananthapuram (formerly Trivandrum), capital of Kerala state, India.

Which airport is near to Trivandrum?

The nearest airport to Thiruvananthapuram is Trivandrum (TRV) Airport which is 3 km away. Other nearby airports include Kochi (COK) (195.5 km).

Is Ola and Uber Available in Trivandrum?

FAQs from Trivandrum Is Ola or Uber available in Trivandrum? yes.

Which railway station is near to Kerala?

Important stations

Railway station Station code District
Trivandrum Central TVC Thiruvananthapuram
Ernakulam Junction (South) ERS Ernakulam
Kozhikode CLT Kozhikode
Kollam Junction QLN Kollam

Is Trivandrum and Thiruvananthapuram same?

Thiruvananthapuram, also spelled Tiruvanantapuram, formerly Trivandrum, city, capital of Kerala state, southwestern India. It is situated along the Arabian Sea with isolated hills on a coastal plain.

Is there any airport in Kanyakumari?

By Air. Located at a distance of about 67 kilometres, the nearest airport to Kanyakumari is the Trivandrum International Airport. Apart from being well connected with the major cities in India, the airport is also well linked with some gulf countries.