How many records are in OCLC?

As of December 2021, the knowledge base provides access to more than 57,875,654 records and 20,776 content collections from 631 providers.

What is OCLC first search?

FirstSearch is an online service that gives library and education professionals access to a rich collection of reference databases. FirstSearch offers electronic access to dozens of databases and more than 10 million full-text and full-image articles.

What does OCLC number mean?

The OCLC Control Number is a unique, sequentially assigned number associated with a record in WorldCat. The number is included in a WorldCat®record when the record is created. The OCLC Control Number can be found in MARC fields 001, 019, and 035 as follows.

Are OCLC and WorldCat the same?

WorldCat is the world’s most comprehensive database of information about library collections. OCLC delivers quality, discoverability and value. Member libraries provide the foundation. Partners support WorldCat growth.

What is the difference between WorldCat and OCLC?

OCLC makes WorldCat itself available free to libraries, but the catalog is the foundation for other subscription OCLC services (such as resource sharing and collection management). WorldCat is used by librarians for cataloging and research and by the general public.

How do you calculate OCLC?

Expert search

  1. On the left navigation, click Discover Items.
  2. From the first list, select a search scope. See Search Scopes in the table above for details.
  3. From the second list, select any index other than OCLC Number.
  4. In the search field, enter your expert search in this format: [Index label][Search terms]
  5. Click Search.

How do you search on WorldCat?

On the homepage, enter one or more basic keywords in the search box. Select Search for Library Items from the Search drop-down menu and then enter one or more basic keywords in the search box. Click Search. Your results appear, sorted by relevance.

What is WorldCat discovery?

WorldCat Discovery helps people easily find and get resources available at your library and in libraries worldwide through a single search of WorldCat and familiar, authoritative e-content collections. It also connects users to your collections via popular websites where people typically start their research.

Why is OCLC important?

OCLC’s Research accelerates and scales learning, innovation, and collaboration to advance libraries and librarianship. Since 1978, we have carried out research and made technological advances that enhance the value of library services and improve the productivity of librarians and library users.

How long is OCLC number?

The OCLC number has been an 8-digit number; it now also includes 9-digit numbers to accommodate WorldCat growth. The first nine-digit number will be 100,000,000. The format of field 001 in OCLC MARC bibliographic records is changed starting with OCLC record number 100 million.

How does a FirstSearch work with OCLC?

A FirstSearch subscription works with your OCLC cataloging subscription to make your collections visible in places where people start their research.

What reports are available in OCLC usage statistics?

Reports in the OCLC Usage Statistics service include per-article purchase data by journal. FirstSearch reports are available at authorization, institution, consortia and subgroup levels. Reports will only appear for a given month if there was activity during that period.

Is FirstSearch still relevant today?

But FirstSearch has stood the test of time and remains reliable, valuable, and valued. FirstSearch is the most powerful interface for searching WorldCat. Researchers and library staff can find and select resources in thousands of library collections with rich information from WorldCat records.