How much does a roll of copper tubing cost?

Soft Copper Tubing – Price Per 50ft Roll

Size (O.D.) Size (I.D.) Price & Quantity
1/4″ 0.19″ $77.11
5/16″ 0.2485″ $95.85
3/8″ 0.311″ $109.19
1/2″ 0.436″ $155.29

What is 28mm copper pipe used for?

28mm copper is used to carry gas and water on heating and hot water systems where large flow rates are required, for example, in large residential properties or commercial premises.

How much is copper tubing by the foot?

Copper Type L Pipe. ($6.48 /ft.)

How much does a length of 28mm copper weigh?


Brand Wednesbury
Product diameter 28mm
Product length 3000mm
Product weight 20.4kg
Standard BS EN 1057

What sizes does copper tubing come in?

In the plumbing trade, the size of copper tubing is measured by its outside diameter in millimeters. Common sizes are 15 mm and 22 mm. Other sizes include 18 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 42 mm, 54 mm, 66.7 mm, 76.1 mm, and 108 mm outside diameters.

Are copper pipes 100% copper?

Copper pipe is almost pure copper manufactured to the requirements of ASTM B 42 – Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Pipe, Standard Sizes.

What is the inside diameter of 28mm copper pipe?

1 foot length 28mm copper pipe / tube. 28mm outside diameter, 0.9mm wall thickness, 26.2mm nominal inside diameter. SOLD IN 1FT LENGTHS ONLY.

What size is standard copper pipe?

The most common size of copper pipe has an outer diameter of 15mm, although you might find smaller sizes (10mm) feeding monobloc taps and radiators, and larger sizes (22mm and 28mm) feeding baths, storage cisterns, tanks and boilers.

Why is copper stolen?

The demand for copper from developing nations such as China and India is creating a robust international copper trade. Copper thieves are exploiting this demand and the resulting price surge by stealing and selling the metal for high profits to recyclers across the United States.

What size pipe is 28mm?

Confused about Metric and Imperial Pipe Sizes?

Imperial Nominal Bore Mild & Stainless Steel Metric Nominal Bore Mild & Stainless Steel Metric O.D. Copper Tube
3/4″ 20mm 22mm
1″ 25mm 28mm
1 1/4″ 32mm 35mm
1 1/2″ 40mm 42mm

What is the id of 28mm copper pipe?

28mm Copper Pipe x 1 Foot 1 foot length of 28mm copper pipe / tube. 28mm outside diameter, 0.9mm wall thickness, 26.2mm nominal inside diameter.