How much does a sheet of OSB cost?

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a construction material commonly used for wall sheathing, floor underlayment, roofing, and siding. The average cost of OSB is $32 to $77 per 4-by-8-foot sheet, depending on the type and thickness.

Why is OSB so high in price?

OSB is expensive because it takes a long time to expand lumber mills and increase their supply output.

What can I use in place of OSB?

Most builders are so comfortable with OSB wall sheathing that they never consider using an alternative material. In fact, a wide range of materials can be used to sheathe a wood-framed wall. In addition to OSB, builders can choose plywood, fiberboard, rigid foam, diagonal boards, and fiberglass-faced gypsum panels.

Are OSB prices going down?

But last week, the benchmark OSB price dropped by $100 per 1,000 square feet, or 23.5 percent, to $325 per 1,000 square feet. Industry observers said the price movement looks to be on pace to drop as quickly as it rose–the result, they said, of a cold-weather slackening in the pace of building.

What is the cheapest type of plywood?

D-grade plywood
D-grade plywood: D-grade plywood sheets are the most inexpensive. They haven’t been repaired, and the flaws can be a little larger and more noticeable. This grade of plywood can feature knots up to 2.5 inches.

Why is wood so expensive 2022?

The price of lumber dropped to $829 per thousand board feet on Tuesday, the lowest mark for the commodity in 2022, Insider reported. Rising mortgage rates and growing inflation were cited as causes for the slip, along with a decline in home renovations.

What is OSB board for?

OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction. It is now more popular than plywood, commanding 66% of the North American structural panel market. The most common uses are as sheathing in walls, flooring, and roof decking.