How much fuel does an F-18 Super Hornet carry?

29,000 lb
The ARS includes an external 330 US gal (1,200 L) tank with hose reel on the centerline, along with four external 480 US gal (1,800 L) tanks and internal tanks, for a total of 29,000 lb (13,000 kg) of fuel on the aircraft.

What is the range of an F 18?

2,069 miBoeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet / Range

How fast does a Hornet jet fly?

1,190 mphMcDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet / Top speed

How good is the F-18 Super Hornet?

The Super Hornet carries 33 percent more internal fuel, increasing mission range by 41 percent and endurance by 50 percent over the earlier Hornet. The F/A-18 E/F acquisition program was an unparalleled success.

How far can AF 18 Super Hornet fly?

The current F/A-18E/F Super Hornet can range no farther than 600 miles with a heavy load of weapons and no mid-air refueling. That means a carrier must sail much closer to an enemy coast in order to launch an air raid.

How fast is AF 18 Super Hornet?

1,190 mphBoeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet / Top speed

How many Super Hornets does Australia have?

24 F
Air Force has 24 F/A-18F Super Hornets, which ensure that Australia’s air combat capability edge is maintained until the full introduction of the F-35A Lightning II.

Which is better F-16 or f18?

The F-16 Fighting Falcon (AKA ‘Viper’) can reach impressive top speeds just over Mach 2, which is over 1500 MPH! The average cruising speed is 577 MPH. The F-18 Hornet can reach Mach 1.8, going up to 1190 MPH. Its cruising speed varies between 580 KTS at high altitude, to 720 KTS at low altitude.

Which is better f15 or f18?

When it comes to speed, the F-15E is far superior. The most glaring difference is range. Though both aircraft utilize in-flight refueling, the F-15E has a combat radius of up to over one thousand miles, depending on its fuel and weapons load. The F/A-18E/F, again, depending on its war load, has less than half that.