How much is a park permit in Philadelphia?

Nonprofit/corporate: Weekday $650, weekends $850, holiday weekend $1,050.

Do you need a permit to film in Philadelphia?

You need a permit if you want to shoot video, photos, or film at: All City parks. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation facilities, like rec centers. The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

How do I reserve a park in Philadelphia?

Follow these steps to reserve your spot:

  1. Prepare ahead by having information about your event ready.
  2. Pick a recreation facility where you would like to have your event.
  3. Contact the recreation facility supervisor at that location to submit an application in person.

Can you picnic in Fairmount Park?

Fairmount Park You can pretty much rely on being able to find a picnic spot (for free, with a small group) in this massive park. If you want to reserve a pavilion, you’ll have to request a permit. But otherwise, there are plenty of areas to grill, set up a blanket, and lounge all day.

How do I get a temporary parking permit in Philadelphia?

To purchase a temporary pass, visit our office at 35 N. Eighth Street. Proof of residence is required. Since temporary parking passes are assigned to license plates, you must provide the license plate number of the visitor’s vehicle.

Are dogs allowed in Fairmount Park?

This address is the Park commission headquarters, in the park. The park is very big and stretches from the Center of Philadelphia to the northwest. Leashed dogs are allowed.

How do you get to Fairmount Park?

How to get there: Enter through the gatehouse on Ridge Avenue; there’s an overflow lot across the street. Trolleys ran through Fairmount Park until 1946 (one of the stops: an amusement park!), and now the tracks are being converted into a paved trail. One and a half miles of the 4.5-mile path are currently complete.

Are Roots Picnic free?

Tickets are required to attend The Roots Picnic and are available for purchase online.

What should I bring to a picnic park?

Essential Picnic Checklist

  1. Picnic basket or canvas bag.
  2. Cooler.
  3. Picnic blanket (preferably waterproof on the bottom)
  4. Picnic chairs (if anyone in your group is not happy on the ground)
  5. Portable picnic table (if that’s the kind of picnic you’re having!)

How do I get a moving permit in Philadelphia?

Moving in Philly: Temporary No Parking Permits

  1. Fill out the application on the Streets Department website.
  2. The Streets Department will email your invoice (about four days after your application is sent.)
  3. After payment is made, they will email you copies of your permits (one for each 40′ span)

How long can a car be parked on a residential street in PA?

No vehicle may be “stored” on any street. “Stored” vehicles are those parked in the same spot for over 72 hours. A vehicle parked on a street be operable and have current registration and inspection.