How old is Dani in Danis Castle?

Series 1. In Dani’s House: Series 1 Dani is introduced as a 17-year-old actress and singer who regularly has to look after her 10-year-old brother Max, and 6 month old baby brother. Their parents are never shown in the series although their voices can be heard on several occasions.

Who plays Esme in Dani’s Castle?

Jordan Brown
Dani’s Castle (TV Series 2013– ) – Jordan Brown as Esme, Elly, 18 Century Esme, Self – IMDb.

Who plays Gabe in Dani’s Castle?

Niall Wright
Gabe, played by Niall Wright is one of the ghosts of the castle who died 250 years ago. He doesn’t know much about the 21st Century and knows much about the 18th Century. He falls in love with Dani and wrote many love poems about her.

How many seasons of Dani’s Castle?

3 series
Currently, all 3 series are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

When did Dani’s Castle come out?

January 17, 2013Dani’s Castle / First episode date

What is Tracy Beakers net worth?

READ MORE. Dani Harmer, 32, has a net worth of around £2.1million, according to celebrity sites. It’s a whopping fortune that the actress has amassed by playing the infamous Tracy Beaker, as well as appearing on other TV shows since the early 2000s.

Where is Dani’s Castle filmed?

Killyleagh Castle
Additional Information

Shoot Dates 2012
Editor Yellowmoon
Main Cast Dani Harmer, Shannon Flynn, Kieron Alleyne
Locations Killyleagh Castle
Contacts SALES Zodiak Rights

Is Dani Harmer married?

Dani Harmer
Years active 1993–present
Organization The Dani Harmer Academy
Partner(s) Simon Brough (2015–)
Children 2

What nationality is Dani Harmer?

BritishDani Harmer / Nationality

Who are Dani Harmers parents?

Jill Harmer
Andy Harmer
Dani Harmer/Parents