How old is ireti?

55 years (May 3, 1967)Ireti Doyle / Age

Who is ireti osayemi?

Ireti Osayemi Adeoye is a famous Nollywood veteran actress. She was also known for her best roles in the 80’s films. She was also known for her best roles in the 80’s films. Ireti Osayemi is also a producer & a television personality who mostly works in Yoruba speaking movies.

Where is Ireti Osayemi from?

Lagos, NigeriaIreti Osayemi / Place of birthLagos State is a state in southwestern Nigeria. Of the 36 states, it is both the most populous and smallest in area. Wikipedia

Is ireti osayemi still married?

It will be recalled that Nollywood actress, Ireti Osayemi officially got back with her ex-husband, Bakare (Bakky) Adeoye in 2020 after she made the announcement on her Instagram page profile where she added the surname ‘Bakare’ to her name. They separated in 2017 but they now live happily with their two kids.

When was ireti died?

Ireti died after a brief illness resulting from some complications suspected to be from typhoid fever, on Friday, 27th September, 2002.

Who is Patrick Doyle’s wife?

Ireti DoylePatrick Doyle / Wife

How old is Bukky Wright?

55 years (March 31, 1967)Bukky Wright / Age

Is Odunlade adekola related to ireti?

Opeyemi Ohiomare Adekola explained that the late Ireti and his own dad were cousins. Ireti’s family are from Ogbomosho while Odunlade Adekola is from Otun Ekiti in Ekiti State although he was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I guess that lays to rest the popular rumour that Odunlade Adekola is Ireti’s younger brother.

Who is late ireti?

Ireti was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State, where she also grew up. She was a producer, film writer, director and an outstanding actress. Unknown to many, her younger relative, Opeyemi (not Odunlade) Adekola is also an actor and was inspired to take to the thespian art because of his late aunty.

How did ireti died?

HOW DID SHE GET THE NAME ‘IRETI’? In 1993, Jide Kosoko released a movie titled Asiri Nla and in it, she acted the role of Ireti, and that was how the name stuck. Rebecca Adebimpe Adekola died after a brief illness due to some complications suspected to be from typhoid fever.