How old is Mike Duncan?

On September 3, Duncan died in the hospital from complications of the heart attack; he was 54.

What is the memory palace podcast?

The Memory Palace is a monthly historical podcast hosted by Nate DiMeo that debuted in 2008. The program features historical narratives concerning such subjects as the Cardiff Giant and the CIA project Acoustic Kitty. It is currently distributed online by Radiotopia.

How long did Rome last?

The Roman Empire lasted more than 1,000 years, beginning around the eighth century BC.

Was Rome’s greatest orator as well as a prose writer?

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.) was Rome’s greatest orator and a prolific writer of verse, letters, and works on philosophy, politics, and rhetoric that greatly influenced European thought. Roman statesman, orator, and writer.

Is Michael Duncan still alive?

September 3, 2012Michael Clarke Duncan / Date of death

Who inherited Michael Clarke Duncan’s estate?

The sister of late actor Michael Clarke Duncan has hired a lawyer to investigate the circumstances surrounding changes made to the actor’s will that left his entire estate to his girlfriend, reality star Omarosa Manigault.

What happened to the history of Rome podcast?

After five years of podcasting The History of Rome Podcast, host Mike Duncan has completed the entire history of the rise and fall of the Rome. In his 179th and final episode he talks about the journeys through Roman history that he has taken in the podcast.

What are some of the best history podcasts you’ve heard?

David Crowther of The History of England podcast has mentioned Duncan as an influence, as has Peter Adamson of the podcast: The History of Philosophy without any Gaps. Isaac Meyer of the History of Japan podcast has mentioned in a few episodes that The History of Rome podcast inspired the “A day in the life of…”

What is the Book of the podcast?

The book is a collection of edited transcripts from the first 46 episodes of the podcast, covering the time period from the founding of the Roman Kingdom through the breakdown of the Republic.

What sources did Duncan use in making the podcast?

Duncan used primary sources such as Livy and Tacitus as much as possible, while using secondary or modern sources to help judge the veracity and objectivity of each source. In making the podcast, Duncan read almost exclusively about Roman history.