How old is Zelo?

25 years (October 15, 1996)Zelo / Age

How tall is Zelo?

6′ 2″Zelo / Height

What age did Zelo debut?

It can’t be easy debuting just weeks after turning 15, but that’s what makes Zelo so impressive.

Who is Yong guk?

Bang Yong-guk (born March 31, 1990), also known mononymously as Yongguk, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and best-selling author who served as the leader of boy group B.A.P up until his departure from TS Entertainment in August 2018.

Is BAP disbanded?

On 18 February 2019, B.A.P ultimately and officially disbanded after 7 years of activity when all of the members’ contracts with the company expired. Following their disbandment, the members have actively pursued careers as solo artists to this day.

How tall is Yong-guk?

6′ 0″Bang Yong-guk / Height

How did Yon Suk get infected?

Yong-suk banishes all six of Seok-woo, his daughter Su-an, a homeless man, Sang-hwa’s wife Seong-kyeong, Yong-guk and his girlfriend Jin-hee to the next train car as he mistakenly believed the spilled blood on Seok-woo’s shirt meant Seok-woo is infected.

How long do Kpop contracts last?

The following year, in 2010, South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) created a rule that limited entertainment contracts to seven years.

When did Zelo start his music career?

1996–2013: Early life and career beginnings. Zelo was born on October 15, 1996 in Mokpo, South Korea. He has one older brother. He aspired to be a soccer player when he was young, but then changed his dreams to becoming a singer as he chanced upon music and grew interested in it.

What does Zelo stand for?

Choi Jun-hong (Hangul: 최준홍; born October 15, 1996), better known by his stage name Zelo, is a South Korean rapper, singer, beatboxer and dancer best known as the former member of the South Korean boy group B.A.P. He made his recording debut with the single “Never Give Up” under B.A.P’s sub-unit Bang&Zelo in November 2011.

When was the Never Gonna give you Up music video released?

On 24 October 2009, the music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up”, directed by Simon West, was uploaded to YouTube.