How old was Robert Plant when he wrote Stairway to Heaven?

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What does another one bites the dust say when played backwards?

Some of us smoke marijuana
In their hit Another One Bites The Dust, their hidden message – in reverse – is ‘Some of us smoke marijuana’.”

What Led Zeppelin song is about Lord of the Rings?

Led Zeppelin went on to reference their favorite fantasy series in two songs from 1971: “Misty Mountain Hop” (named for the place where Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf pals spend some time in The Hobbit) and “The Battle of Evermore” (“The ring wraiths ride in black/Ride on!”).

Did JRR Tolkien know Led Zeppelin?

Due to the time in Tolkien’s life in which they wrote the songs (’68 – ’71), and Tolkien’s “lack of” interest in music, it is unlikely he was aware of Led Zeppelin.

What does your stairway lies on the Whispering Wind mean?

“Your Stairway lies on the whispering wind” is a metaphorical way of saying that you will get to Heaven by listening to the “small, still Voice within”, which can seem like the whispering wind because it’s so quiet and pure. Then, a sudden strange and abrupt change in music. The solo seems to communicate its own particular message without words.

What is the significance of the stairway the Piper is building?

The Piper is continuing to tempt her to follow to “Heaven,” while the stairway she stands on is unstable because of who it was built by – the Devil – where the stairway leads – Hell – and the stairway’s purpose – to trick poor souls into thinking that they are saved, going to Heaven.

Where can I find the song Stairway to Heaven?

It’s super easy, we promise! Stairway to Heaven is found on the album The Song Remains the Same . Pleeease!

What is the meaning of the song Looking to the west?

Looking to the west is also a metaphor for hope, not necessarily civilization, but going west for free land & a new life. Robert Plant also introduced the song as a song of “hope,” not as cynicism towards a culture. @Briseyfish69 bra I. Know this thread is almost 16 years old… my god I can’t believe I’m saying that, it seems like yesterday…