Is AGV K5 a good helmet?

The AGV K5 is an excellent helmet with no common flaws reported by owners. It’s a great looking, high quality helmet that’s SHARP 4 star safety rated, DOT & ECE certified, is comfortable, aerodynamic and rated about average for noise suppression.

How good is AGV?

They make a range of good quality mid to high end helmets – as shown by their excellent rankings in our safest crash helmet brands page where we include helmets that are Snell approved or highly rated in the SHARP helmet testing scheme.

Is AGV made in China?

AGV helmets are made in both Italy and China, despite the brand being based in Italy. The helmet range you choose from will largely decide where it’s manufactured. For example, the entry-level AGV K1 is made in China, whereas the Moto GP-inspired AGV Pista GP-RR is made in Italy.

Is AGV K5 Snell?

AGV prides itself on being one of the safest brands out there, and the K5 (and K5S) continue that tradition. This helmet is both ECE and DOT certified, and it received four out of five stars from SHARP. While it hasn’t earned a SNELL rating, these other accolades are more than enough for us to approve of the K5.

How heavy is an AGV K5 helmet?

3lb 4.9oz
Helmet Weight The K5 S weighs in at 1499 grams (3lb 4.9oz) placing it very high in the list of over 270 lids as far as “lightweight” for full-face helmets we’ve reviewed.

Is AGV a good helmet brands?

If you are looking for a good quality helmet within a more affordable price range, then AGV can be your go-to brand. They come with EPS-incorporated inner lining and a sturdy exterior, courtesy of a carbon fiber glass shell.

Are AGV helmets quiet?

The helmet is sturdy and quiet. In fact, its shell design is specifically focused on not just aerodynamic design but noise cancellation. If you prefer the flexibility of riding with an open-face style helmet, the Evo One 2 might be the perfect choice for you as it offers this flexibility.

Who owns AGV?

AGV (helmet manufacturer)

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Colceresa , Italy
Products Motorcycle helmets
Owner Investcorp
Parent Dainese