Is Benfica better than sporting?

The Derby de Lisboa or Dérbi de Lisboa (English: Lisbon derby) is the biggest football derby match in Portugal. It is played between Lisbon clubs Benfica and Sporting CP….Head-to-head results.

Draws 15
Sporting wins 37
Benfica goals 138
Sporting goals 140
Total matches 85

Who won Benfica vs Sporting?

Benfica won 4-0 at Sporting CP for the right to face Juventus in Nyon after Salzburg and Atlético both won away to set up the other semi-final. The referee ends the second half.

Are Benfica and Sporting rivals?

It is a rivalry that dates back more than a century, with the sides who would become officially known as Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sport Lisboa e Benfica first meeting in 1907 at a time when there was a huge class divide between them.

Who are Sporting Lisbon rivals?

Sporting’s main rivals are Benfica, with both teams contesting the Lisbon derby, also known as “the eternal derby”, among other names. The local rivalry started in 1907 when eight Benfica players left to Sporting looking for better training conditions.

How far is Benfica from Sporting Lisbon?

about 1 3/4 miles
It’s about 1 3/4 miles between the two – how about a rather swift walk!

Where can I watch Benfica vs Sporting?

With the legal streaming service, you can watch the game on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or hook it up to your TV with Google Chromecast or Roku. The fuboTV app is available for Windows PC, Mac, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple TV, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Kindle.

Who has more fans Sporting or Benfica?

Benfica are the biggest club in town – with over five million fans across Portugal and an honours list other clubs can only dream of. But although the men from Estadio da Luz have the most fans – they certainly don’t have everything their own way. And just a mile across town, you have Sporting Lisbon.

Which is biggest club in Portugal?

SL Benfica was the Portuguese soccer club with the highest market value as of February 2022, reaching a total worth of nearly 300 million U.S. dollars. The second most valuable club in the country that month was Sporting CP, worth roughly 277 million U.S. dollars.

Who are Benfica rivals?

Rivalries. Benfica has rivalries with Sporting CP and FC Porto, with whom it forms the “Big Three”, Portugal’s most decorated clubs. None of them have been relegated from the Portuguese league since its establishment in 1934.

Where do football fans drink in Lisbon?

Ground floor and bar of The Spot Lisboa, one of the best sports bar in Lisbon.

  • Bar of The Spot Lisboa, a must-see for good cocktails in Lisbon.
  • Counter of The Couch Sports Bar in the Cais do Sodré district in Lisbon.
  • One of the room of the Couch Sports Bar in Lisbon.
  • What channel is the Benfica game?

    Benfica: TV channel, Champions League live stream info, start time. The Champions League is back in action Wednesday on CBS and Paramount+.