Is Catherine McAuley a good school?

My 6 years at Catherine McAuley have definitely been the best years of my life. Their school spirit is very strong and the students take care of each other. Very happy with this school, a strong pastoral care program and lovely students.

What decile is McAuley college?

Decile 1
About The School

School type State integrated Catholic Secondary School for Girls (Years 9-15)
Decile 1
School roll 660
Ethnic composition Māori 4% Samoan 58% Tongan 24% other Pacific 6% Asian 4% other 4%
Review team on site August 2010

How old is ACU melbourne?

Australian Catholic University (ACU) was opened on 1 January 1991 following the amalgamation of four Catholic tertiary institutions in eastern Australia: Catholic College of Education Sydney in New South Wales. Institute of Catholic Education in Victoria.

How many people are mags?

Mount Albert Grammar School is a state, co-educational secondary school situated in central suburban Auckland. Our current roll of about 3000 students come mainly from within the school’s zone, with a small number from wider Auckland accepted through the ballot process.

Is Otaki College a good school?

The school successfully promotes excellent outcomes for many learners. Most students, including Māori, leave school having attained National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 2. Fewer than half the students achieve Level 3. This data is consistent over time.

What is ACU famous for?

We are one of the top 150 universities in the world for psychology. We are one of the top 200 universities in the world for law. We are ranked first in Australia and 26th globally for theology, divinity and religious studies. We are ranked 201 – 250 in the world for arts and humanities.

Do you have to be Catholic to go to ACU?

You don’t need to be Catholic to study with us. Across our university, staff and students of all faiths – or none – work within the framework of respect for our mission and tradition, and commit to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person, and the common good.

What decile is Otaki College?

decile 4
Otaki College, Kapiti, decile 4: Phone calls from parents are returned with urgency, and responses to situations are rapid and often involve the community beyond the college.

Is ACU Brisbane a good university?

What Atar do you need for ACU?

Below are the minimum ranks you need for admission consideration to one of our undergraduate courses….Minimum ranks.

Course type Minimum ATAR*
Bachelor degree 58.50
Associate degree 50
Advanced certificate 50
Certificate 50

What decile is Mt Roskill Grammar?

Mount Roskill Grammar School
Ministry of Education Institution no. 74
Principal Greg Watson
School roll 1797 (March 2022)
Socio-economic decile 4

Why choose University of Brisbane McAuley?

Brisbane. Our McAuley Campus is in the light, leafy capital of Queensland. With a relaxed atmosphere and mild winters, it’s easy to get the most out of your uni life in Brisbane. Take part in the clubs and activities on the sprawling Banyo Campus, or make the most of the city’s rivers, parks and nearby beaches.

Why choose the McAuley at Banyo campus?

Just like life in Brisbane generally, the McAuley at Banyo Campus has plenty of opportunity for you to make the most of the sunshine. The expansive grounds have a mix of historic and modern buildings, with wide lawns and hang-out areas where you can relax, study and connect with your fellow students.

Where are the city council bus stops at the University of Brisbane?

City Council buses connect the campus with train stations and suburbs including Toombul Shopping Centre, Northgate, Banyo, Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley. City Council bus stops, both inbound and outbound, are situated just outside the campus grounds near the intersection of Approach Road and Earnshaw Road.