Is Corey Hart?

Corey Mitchell Hart (born May 31, 1962) is a Canadian singer, musician and songwriter known for his hit singles “Sunglasses at Night”, “Never Surrender” and the Canadian hit “It Ain’t Enough”. He has sold over 16 million records worldwide and recorded nine US Billboard Top 40 hits….Corey Hart (singer)

Corey Hart

Who wrote the song sunglasses at night?

Corey HartSunglasses at Night / Lyricist

What movie was the song sunglasses at night in?

Risky Business (1983)

When was Corey Hart song sunglasses at night popular?

“Sunglasses at Night” is a song by Canadian singer Corey Hart. It was released on January 21, 1984 as the first single from his debut album, 1983’s First Offense, and became a hit single in the United States, officially rising to number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the week that ended on September 1, 1984.

What happens if you wear sunglasses at night?

Wearing sunglasses at night further reduces the amount of light reaching the retina, and therefore is not recommended under any circumstances — especially when driving at night — because it will worsen darkness-related visual impairment.

Who played the guitar solo in sunglasses at night?

The guitar sounds like Eddie Van Halen on Beat It from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, released in the fall of 1982 (the actual guitarist was Andy Barnett). Topped off by a melody with multiple hooks and enigmatic lyrics and you’ve got a typical early 80s hit.

What movie was Corey Hart Sunglasses at Night in?

Taxi Driver (1976) Corey Hart “Sunglasses At Night”. – YouTube.

Is Corey Hart married?

Julie Massem. 2000
Erika Gagnonm. 1990–1994
Corey Hart/Spouse

What does Cory Hart do now?

In 2019 – Hart will release his first studio album in over 20 years produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin and will embark on a major arena tour across Canada & Asia his first since the 1980´s.