Is dryrobe worth the money?

The price tag for the dryrobe® Advance makes it a considered purchase, but the difference it makes to your outdoor activities really means that when you factor in cost per use and the additional motivation you get from knowing you won’t get cold changing, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

What is as good as dryrobe?

A Saltie Elite Robe is an ideal budget-friendly alternative to a dryrobe. Like a dryrobe, a Saltie Elite Robe has a waterproof and windproof outer shell making it an ideal dryrobe alternative. It is also lined with a super warm microfibre inner layer, which will absorb the water when you get out and dry you in no time.

Are Dryrobes any good?

By evening, the dryrobe was also a great asset, working nicely as a warm, long overcoat. It pays not to be too precious about it – which can be tough given the price tag – but once you accept the dryrobe getting dirty and muddy it really comes into its own.

Is dryrobe an Irish company?

Dryrobe is a company based in the UK. One of its basic models will set you back around €150 – so you’d want to have a proper think about investing if you’re just starting sea swimming.

Do dry robes keep you warm?

The Dryrobe moisture control lining: Dryrobe uses a synthetic lambswool which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm.

How heavy is a dryrobe?

The main other shortcoming of the Dryrobe is that it’s a big bulky thing. Dryrobe has done a good job of keeping the weight down to around 1.3kg but, even still, the Dryrobe Advance will take up a considerable amount of room wherever you choose to store it.

How much does a dryrobe weigh?

Can a dryrobe be used as a coat?

Dryrobe can come with long or short sleeves & both have been designed to make it easy to pull your arms up and in to and get changed inside. The Dryrobe can come in various colours and sizes. It can be used for simply a warm coat on a wet day or for changing outdoors in after any activity.

What does a dryrobe do?

The dryrobe inner lining is a synthetic lambswool lining which draws water away, without absorbing the moisture. It dries your skin by wicking the water away from the skins surface. You can put it on top of wet kit, change and use the dryrobe again throughout the day and it will still function perfectly.

Who owns dry robe?

founder Gideon Bright
dryrobe founder Gideon Bright shares the inspiration behind this unique product and story of how dryrobe got started.

How often should I wash my dryrobe?

The dryrobe® dog does not need washing regularly. If it gets covered in mud or sand, try shaking it off or cleaning it with a damp sponge. Due to the dryrobe® dog’s waterproof outer shell fabric washing is only required when absolutely necessary, the same as with any other outdoor waterproof garment.

What is the purpose of a dryrobe?