Is El Tovar worth the money?

Overall, El Tovar Hotel is definitely worth it if you have the money to spend on a premium hotel experience and you appreciate the nice, rustic charm of the National Park lodges.

Why is it called El Tovar?

It was named “El Tovar” in honor of Pedro de Tovar of the Coronado Expedition. Despite its rustic features, the hotel contained a coal-fired generator that powered electric lights, steam heat, hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing.

How do you get reservations at El Tovar?

Dinner Reservations Please call 928-638-2631, ext. 6432 to make a reservation. El Tovar Hotel guests can make dinner reservations 90 days in advance. Visitors not staying in the hotel can make a dinner reservation 30 days in advance.

Was El Tovar a Harvey House?

One of the jewels of the National Park Lodges, El Tovar opened as a Harvey House in 1905. The Fray Marcos Hotel in nearby Williams, Ariz., built as a Harvey House in 1908, now houses a gift shop, offices, and the train depot for the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel.

What does Tovar mean in English?

English translation: named after a light, volcanic rock

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Who has stayed at El Tovar?

Its opening preceded Arizona’s statehood by seven years. Its presence is credited with helping increase visitation and international awareness of the remote Grand Canyon region and the American West. U.S. presidents who have stayed at El Tovar include Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, George H. W.

Does El Tovar have suites?

The Accommodations. El Tovar has 78 rooms, many of which are suites. Due to the historic nature of the hotel, no two rooms are alike, giving the hotel distinctive charm. There are 12 hotel suites, each one with a unique name, identity and decor.

Does El Tovar have air conditioning?

El Tovar provides 78 rooms and suites all with cable television, telephone, full bath, in-room coffee, and air conditioning.

Who built El Tovar in Grand Canyon?

Charles Whittlesey
El Tovar Hotel

Built 1905
Architect Charles Whittlesey
Architectural style Swiss Chalet; Norway Villa
Part of Grand Canyon Village Historic District (ID75000343)
Significant dates

What ethnicity is Tovar?

Tovar, usually preceded by the particle de (meaning from), is a surname that was adopted in the Middle-Ages by a Castilian noble house that received the lordship of the village of Tovar from Fernando III. It has since spread to several Spanish and a few Portuguese branches.

How old is the El Tovar Hotel?

117El Tovar Hotel / Age (c. 1905)