Is Hyper 212 EVO good for i7 10700k?

According to the above: no. Even if you capped the cpu’s frequency at its base(3.8ghz), that’s still 125w max. The Hyper 212 is designed to handle up to – but not exactly, 150w. 25w of headroom isn’t much to work with.

Does Hyper 212 have thermal paste?

Yes it comes with a small tube of cooler master thermal paste.

Is the Hyper 212 EVO a good cooler?

Our Verdict. Priced around $40 at release, the Hyper 212 Evo v2 is a fantastic frugal option with a surprising amount of cooling potential, and makes a great choice for first time system builders or budget PCs.

Is Cooler Master Hyper 212 good?

Conclusion. I guess that really brings me to this conclusion, and I’m going to say that the 212 Evo surprised me. In 2021- 10 years after its release – we are seeing this cooler still perform really, really well, and it’s priced so much lower than a lot of the other coolers on the market right now.

Does the Hyper 212 EVO work with LGA 1200?

Yes, The Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition most definitely works with the socket LGA1200, As I have it running on my ROG Maximus Hero XIII motherboard with an 11th generation i9 11900K LGA 1200 CPU.

Does Evo 212 come with thermal paste?

It come with thermal paste, but is NOT “pre-applied”, meaning you have to apply it by yourself.

Does 212 black have thermal paste?

I ordered the RR-212S-20PK-R1 Hyper 212 Black Edition, and it has a tube of thermal paste included.

Should I use Cooler Master thermal paste?

It works great for a heat sync but since I only needed very little I didn’t want to waste the rest of it. I spread the rest on some crackers because if it made my laptop cooler it should do the same for me, boy was I disappointed. 4.0 out of 5 stars Good thermal paste..

What is the difference between the hyper 212 and hyper 212 Evo?

Delivering 10% cooler performance than the EVO and host of superior design features, the 212 EVO V2 is the latest evolution in the legendary Hyper 212 line. By shifting the heatpipes and stacked aluminium array backwards. RAM socket clearance.

Can a hyper 212 cool the i7 11700 at turbo boost?

Can a hyper 212 cool the i7 11700 at turbo boost technology at 4.9 ghz? More sharing options… More sharing options… Can a hyper 212 cool the i7 11700 at turbo boost technology at 4.9 ghz? Can it? Yes. Will it still turbo fine? Yes.

What accessories are included with the 212 Evo V2?

For turbo push/pull fan configurations, the 212 EVO V2 includes secondary fan brackets and a splitter cable.